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Egoism and Capitalism

The Greek sophist Thrasymachus and Thomas Hobbes both believed that human beings were egoistic by nature. They thought altruistic behavior was undesirable (if even possible). Hobbes suggested that this basic fact about human nature called for an iron-handed government with the power to subvert people's natural greed and lust for power. While the truth about human nature remains in debate, many people argue that Thrasymachus was right in stating that people naturally seek their own self interest and that such behavior is good behavior. Not only is this the best personal moral system, it is the best system for a society.

The Web links below offer some starting places for an investigation into the connection between egoism and capitalism. Is our society based upon the virtue of greed?

Quackgrass Press: World's best ideas.  Good place to start research on egoism and capitalism.

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Egoism and the Crisis in Western Values.

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