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The Philosophical Journey: An Interactive Approach

Provided here are a list of Web resources for many of the important philosophers and concepts from the chapter.  These pages, of course, list just a small selection of the many Web sites that contain information relevant to the philosophers and concepts covered in the chapter.

Be aware that there is no absolute guarantee that the information contained on these Web sites is accurate, so use careful judgment.

Ethical Egoism
Ethical Relativism
Jeremy Bentham
Adam Smith
Joel Feinberg
Bishop Butler
Ayn Rand
James Rachels
John Ladd
Ruth Benedict
John Hospers
Psychological Egoism
Feminist Ethics
Virtue Ethics: Aristotle
Kantian Deontology
Divine Command Theory
Categorical Imperative
Intrinsic vs. Instrumental Value
The Golden Mean
Alastair Norcross
Michael Stocker
Nel Noddings
Marilyn Friedman
Lawrence Kohlberg

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