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The Philosophical Journey: An Interactive Approach

Marxism in the United States

Considering the fall of the former Soviet Union and the free market reforms taking place in China it might seem that the influence of Karl Marx's political philosophy is waning. To begin to understand the depth of the influence Marx has had on the world, however, it is instructive to look a bit closer to home. While the United States has not undergone a Marxist revolution, it has evolved considerably since Marx was alive. In many cases, this evolution has incorporated socialistic ideas. One of the general areas of this socialization of our free market state is the formation of labor unions. Use the links provided below to investigate the relationship between Marxist political philosophy and labor unions. You'll also find links to some contemporary Marxist Web sites. These links in particular provide an interesting view of Marxism.

Marxism and the Trade Unions

Socialist Worker Page

Communist Party U.S.A. links to on-line resources

United Steelworkers of America Local 169

LaborNet List of Strikes