Introduction to the Philosophical Journey

Chapter 1

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Philosophical Journey

Philosophy and Aerobics

Philosophy and Love

Philosophy and Peanut Butter

Philosophy and Colds

What Do Philosophers Study?-1

What Do Philosophers Study?-2

What Do Philosophers Study?-3

What Do Philosophers Study?-4

Philosophy as a Journey

Guideposts for Your Journey-1

Guideposts for Your Journey-2

Socrates and the Search for Wisdom

Socrates’ Life and Mission-1

Socrates’ Life and Mission-2

Seven Stages of Dialectic

Socrates’ Teachings

Argument and Evidence:How Do I Decide What to Believe?

Criteria for Evaluating Claims and Theories

Elements of Arguments

Evaluating Arguments

Conditional Statements

Deductive Arguments

Inductive Arguments

Informal Fallacies

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