What Are the Metaphysical Issues?

Chapter 3

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Table of Contents

What Are the Metaphysical Issues?

Metaphysical Positions

Conceptual Tools for Metaphysics


Metaphysical Categories

Plato’s Metaphysics

Propositions of the Mind-Body Problem

Positions on the Mind-Body Problem

Descartes’s Arguments for Mind-Body Dualism

The Cartesian Compromise

Physicalism: An Alternative to Dualism

The Positive Case for Physicalism

Forms of Physicalism


Artificial Intelligence

Issues of Freedom and Determinism

Types of Freedom

Positions on Freedom

Hard Determinism

Objections to Libertarianism

The Positive Case for Determinism

Determinist Thinkers

Tenets of Libertarianism

Objections to Determinism

Types of Antideterminism

Arguments for Libertarianism


Hierarchical Compatibilism (Frankfurt)

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