Perspectives on Religious Belief

Chapter 4

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Table of Contents

Perspectives on Religious Belief: Evidentialism-1

Perspectives on Religious Belief: Evidentialism-2

Perspectives on Religious Belief: Nonevidentialism

The Cosmological Argument for God

The Design Argument for God

William Paley: Natural Theology

Science and Cosmic Design

David Hume

Evolution versus Design

The Ontological Argument for God

St. Anselm

Nonevidentialist Theism

Pascal’s Wager

William James

Soren Kierkegaard

The Problem of Evil

Religious Responses to the Argument from Evil

The Greater Goods Defense

The Free Will Defense

The Natural Order Defense

Concepts of Hinduism-1

Concepts of Hinduism-2

The Buddhist View of the World

Goals of Buddhism

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