Issues in Ethics

Chapter 5

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Table of Contents

Issues in Ethics-1

Issues in Ethics-2

Why Be Moral?-1

Why Be Moral?-2

Theories of Ethics-1

Theories of Ethics-2

Ethical Relativism


Ethical Objectivism

Ethical Egoism

Arguments for Universal Ethical Egoism-1

Arguments for Universal Ethical Egoism-2


Bentham’s Utilitarianism

Mill’s Utilitarianism

The Consequences of Consequentialism

Themes of Kantian Ethics

Kantian Ethics

Two Imperatives

Absolute Duties

Virtue Ethics

The Positive Case for Virtue Ethics-1

The Positive Case for Virtue Ethics-2


The Virtues in Confucian Thought

Feminist Ethics-1

Feminist Ethics-2

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