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The thesis sentence

1. a. Is the overall purpose of the paper clear to you from the thesis sentence?
1. b. Does the thesis adequately predict the paper's plan of development?

Support for the thesis

2. a. Does every paragraph and sentence in the paper clearly support the thesis?
2. b. Are there portions of the paper unrelated to the thesis? (For example, are there unnecessary summaries or sections of apparent padding?)

3. Are there sufficient examples and pieces of evidence to support the thesis persuasively?


4. a. Is the overall organization of the paper clear and effective?
4. b. Did you feel lost at any point?


5. Does the paper convey interesting insights into its subject?

Overall quality

6. What are the paper's main strengths?

7. What are the paper's main weaknesses?

Suggestions for revision

8. What specific recommendations can you make concerning the revision of this paper?

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