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Some "Do's" and "Don't's" of Peer Evaluations

Peer Evaluations: Some "Do's"

  1. Do treat the writer with courtesy and respect.
  2. Do comment on the performance, not the person.
  3. Do focus on how the argument is supported (or not), rather than whether you agree or disagree with it.
  4. Do aim for balance and completeness in pointing out strengths and problem areas.
  5. Do comment on specific examples of strengths and problem areas.
  6. Do aim to help the writer see how to improve future work as well as the current draft.

Peer Evaluations: Some "Don't's"

  1. Don't use snippy marginal comments such as "So what?" or "What's your point?"
  2. Don't get into debates over unresolvable questions of individual value and belief (for example, questions relating to religion, gun control, or abortion).
  3. Don't argue with the writer. Raise objections or ask for explanations only to clarify and suggest ways of strengthening the argument.
  4. Don't confine your comments to mechanical details.
  5. Don't make vague, global comments.
  6. Don't rewrite for the writer.

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