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The Iliad

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The Virtual Iliad
This page is intended to provide an interactive and completely informative, in-depth summary of Homer's Iliad.
Welcome to the Iliad!
Very Cool! This interactive guide to the Iliad offers on the fly study-questions and more. Check it out.
Homer, Iliad 1
See an image of one page of the Iliad on ancient Egyptian Literary papyri from 30 B.C.
 The Iliad—A Practical Approach
A study guide and more by Phyllis Taylor.
SparkNotes: The Iliad
Provides detailed analysis of the Iliad as well as an Iliad discussion board.
Homer's Iliad, and the city of Troy
Archeological and literary history of Troy.
Homer's Iliad
An e-text.
Homer & The Iliad Discussion Deck
Discussion forum for the Iliad.
Homer's Iliad
A great site from the Classics Technology Center. Offers a synopsis of the Iliad, a reading guide, study questions, and much more.
Study Guide for Reading Homer's Iliad
By Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Temple University. Though this study guide is designed to accompany the translation by Robert Fagles, it should be helpful for other translations as well.
A downloadable e-text. Presented in English Prose for "the use of those who cannot read the original by Samuel Butler." Even for those of us who can and do want to read another translation, this might serve well as a study guide!
A map
A map of the geography of the Iliad.

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