Classical Mythology Images and Insight, Third Edition

The Odyssey

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Homer, Odyssey
From the Perseus Project. This translation of Homer's Odyssey by Loeb contains extensive citations and hyperlinked references.
Homer, Odyssey
See an image of an piece of papryus from Egypt from about 30 B.C.
An extensive and creative site on the Odyssey. Includes text references with pictures as well as focuses on the characters.
Homer's Odyssey resources
An awesome site. This Website lists many e-text versions of the Odyssey. Additionally each chapter of the Odyssey is treated individually with links to the various translations, summaries, etc. Worth a look.
Greek Mythology: Odysseus
An interesting site with two much-shortened versions of the Odyssey, along with other material.
SparkNotes: The Odyssey
This site contains the standard Odyssey resources in addition to on-going bulletin board discussions.
Study Guide for Homer's Odyssey
By Robin Mitchell-Boyask, Temple University. A good resource.
The Odyssey by Homer
A searchable online version of Homer's Classic tale of Ulysses' return from the Trojan War.
Chapman, George, trans. 1857. The Odysseys of Homer, vol. 1
Another searchable e-text.

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