Classical Mythology Images and Insight, Third Edition

Greek Myths

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Greek Mythology
Site includes a click able chart of the deities that links to entries about each god or goddess and a family tree of the principle gods and goddesses.

Women in Greek Myths
Site contains pages with general information about the women, mortal and immortal, of Greek mythology.

Greek Mythology
Site discusses the origins of Greek mythology and many of its aspects.

mythography | Greek mythology and art
A searchable site that begins by giving some general information about Greek mythology, then guides the user with links to its more specific topics.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek mythology.
Site which includes hundreds of short entries about aspects of Greek mythology, all of which incorporate links within their text to the site’s other related, relevant entries.

"Basic Aspects of the Greek myths" by Carlos Parada
An essay including such topics as the definitions of basic terms and the basic features of Greek myths.  Also there are a few links to related sites.

"The Greek Myths as Prehistory: A study of mythology as part of a historical tradition" an online book by William Harris
Exactly as the title states, this is an online book that looks at mythology in the context of human history.

Athena Gray's Mythology Page
Good general site organized into sections on the gods and goddesses, interesting facts, a collection of short myths, and links to related sites.

"Brief History of the Greek Myths" by Carlos Parada
Essay on the history of the Greek myths, from the beginnings to the end of the Middle Ages.

Ancient Greece Mythology
This page lists all the characters of Greek mythology, reachable by way of a click able family tree, and gives a brief description of each.  At the end it includes a short list of links to related sites. 


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