Classical Mythology Images and Insight, Third Edition


Web Links

The Muses
A site devoted to the Muses. General information and many links from this well designed site.

Encyclopedia Mythica - Article: Muses
A concise hyperlinked article on the Muses with links to specific information on Clio.

MUSES, Greek Mythology Link.
A very thorough and detailed site by Carlos Parada author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology. Contains genealogical information, text references, an image, and much more. A great place to start your research.

The Muse in Mythology
A site with information on muses in general as well as on individual muses.

Ancient Greek Architecture
An excellent resource for a study of Greek Architecture. Offers short descriptions and images of various architectural elements and places.

Greek and Roman Theatre History Time Line
A text based Greek and Roman history timeline. it offers a basic layout with general information.

Greek Mythology
Another great general site focusing on the Iliad, but including good information on most aspects of Greek myth.

An e-text organized by chapter.

Genealogies and Family Trees

From Encyclopedia Mythica


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