Psychological Testing and Assessment

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eye.gif (2012 bytes) About this book - A quick introduction to Psychological Testing and Assessement, Fourth Edition
Test Developer Profiles - A number of contemporary test developers prepared autobiographical statements for publication in the Psychological Testing and Assessment (1999) text and in the Psychological Testing and Assessment (1999) exercises. These statements, along with biographies of test developers of historical note, are presented as "Test Developer Profiles" in the exercises and in the excerpted form as "Test Developer Snapshots" in the text. The complete version of each Test Developer Profile can be found here. gear.gif (2868 bytes)
hand.gif (2099 bytes) Web Links - There is a world of testing and assessment beyond the ellipses printed on paper and the number two pencils used to fill them in. Check out this (growing) list of Web sites that contain information relevant to tests and measurement.
Measurement Forum Newsletter - Published continually since 1996, Measurement Forum is a newsletter designed to promote excellence in measurement instruction. Edited by Mark E. Swerdlik, Ph.D., ABAP, and Ronald Jay Cohen, Ph.D., ABAP, this magazine contains a wealth of teaching tips and related contributions from professors who teach testing and assessment.  maglass.gif (2081 bytes)

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