In the Company of Others

Chapter 3

The Canadian Forces College Information Resource Center: This "Contemporary Conflicts" page features a map showing the world’s trouble spots.

Lakota Page: This page features a discussion of the different bands of the Sioux Nation; plus many links to Sioux history, art, writings, etc. An interesting page for students to either write on or discuss. Many students are surprised at the diversity that exists within the Sioux Nation. This site is an excellent example of how one seemingly small group (the Sioux) can have major cultural differences even when linked together via history, geography, etc. This site effectively makes the point that differences exist even with in the smallest cultural group.

The National Forum on People’s Differences: Fosters a free and open environment where people are encouraged to ask any question they have ever dared wonder about regarding race, gender, homosexuality, religion, disabilities, etc. Other forum participants are then free to respond. Guidelines are provided for forum members. This site has been recommended by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a tool for teaching tolerance.

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