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Section 10.4

American Psychological Association (APA) Author-Date Style

APA style is set forth in Publication Manual of the American PsychologicalAssociation, 4th ed. (1994). The APA reference style and similar styles are the mostcommonly used citation formats. The Council of Biology Editors,for example, recommends two citation systems, an in-text number system (see Council of Biology Editors Citation-Sequence System) and aparenthetical name-date system that closely resembles the APA style. Similarly, the Chicago Manual of Style recommends the parentheticalauthor-date system as "generally most economical in space, in time (for author, editor, andtypesetter) and in cost (to publisher and public)--in short, the most practical" (1993, p. 640).

General Structure

Guidelines for APA Parenthetical Citation

Use of Endnotes

APA Reference List

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## APA Author-Date ##
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