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Chapter 1 Journey's Start
Chapter 2 Patterns in the Sky
Chapter 3 Ancient Astronomy
Chapter 4 Renaissance Astronomy
Chapter 5 Gravity and Motion
Chapter 6 Light and Telescopes
Chapter 7 Processes at Work in the Solar System
Chapter 8 The Earth
Chapter 9 The Moon
Chapter 10 Mercury and Venus
Chapter 11 Mars
Chapter 12 Jupiter and Saturn
Chapter 13 The Outer Planets
Chapter 14 Satellites
Chapter 15 Solar System Debris
Chapter 16 Basic Properties of Stars Chapter 17 The Sun
Chapter 18 The Formation of Stars and Planets
Chapter 19 The Evolution of Stars
Chapter 20 White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, and Black Holes
Chapter 21 Binary Star Systems
Chapter 22 The Milky Way
Chapter 23 Galaxies
Chapter 24 Quasars and Other Active Galaxies
Chapter 25 Galaxy Clusters and the Structure of the Universe
Chapter 26 Cosmology
Chapter 27 Life in the Universe

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