15.1 Pulses on a Rope
Wave Harmonics-Plucking a String


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This applet simulates the behavior of a plucked string. It shows the fundamental frequency of vibration as well as the harmonics. Concepts relating to this applet are discussed in Sections 15.1 and 15.9. Note how the fundamental frequency and distribution of harmonics changes when the string is plucked at different positions relative to the center. The parameters used in the simulation correspond to those for an unwound guitar g-string with the following values : String Length: 65 cm, String Linear Density: 1.6 gm/m; String Tension: 104 Newtons; Wave Velocity: 255 m/s; Fundamental Frequency: 196 Hz; and Fundamental Period: 5.1 ms.
Michel Gallant, Ottawa, Canada