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Chapter 6 - Encoding, Decoding, and Seven-Segment Displays

Chapter Overview
We humans use the decimal code to represent numbers. Digital electronic circuits in computers and calculators use mostly the binary code to represent numbers. Many other special codes are used in digital electronics to represent numbers, letters, punctuation marks, and control characters. This chapter covers several common codes used in digital electronic equipment.

Electronic translators, which convert from one code to another, are widely used in digital electronics. In Chapter 2 we used an encoder to translate from decimal to binary numbers and a decoder to translate back from binary to decimal numbers. This chapter introduces you to several very common encoders and decoders used for translating from code to code.

Practice Tests
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EWB (Electronics Workbench) Files
EWB textbook files for this chapter.
EWB experiments manual files for all chapters.
EWB troubleshooting files for this chapter.

Save the files above to your computer's desktop. Find the file, double-click it and unzip to a convenient location. You will need Electronics Workbench®, version 5 to use the files.

Chapter Assignments
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