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Human  Relations  Strategies for Success      
Strategies for Success


Q: How is this site different from the book?
A: This site has a variety of features that complement the book. It offers test questions that are different from the questions you’ll be receiving on tests. In addition, you can give yourself practice tests as many times as you want on the Web site; the automatic test generator provides slightly different questions each time. Also, this site offers an array of links that are connected to the Internet exercises in your book. Click on any of these to visit these sites. Finally, you will also enjoy the biographical links that are provided for each chapter. Each of these links will give you greater insight into the lives of the people who have helped shape human relations today.

Q: Will I be graded on the practice test?
A: Although your professor has the option of asking students to e-mail test results to him or her, you do not have be graded. In many instances, these tests serve as practice for you before you take an in-class exam.

Q: One of the links is dead, and my assignment is due tomorrow. What do I do?
A: Contact the Webmaster and give a full description of the dead link and where it appears on the Web site, then contact your professor and explain the situation. If the link is truly dead, other students will have the same problem and another Internet Exercise can be assigned in its place. However, sometimes links “play dead” due to server problems. Before you contact anyone, try the link again 10 minutes later. If it still fails to work, it is most likely dead.

Q: I want to read more about one of the people featured in the Biographical Links section. Where do I look?
A: You can start by looking at, which contains brief biographies of thousands of personalities. In addition, you can look on your favorite search engine and type in something like “Elton Mayo bio” to see what appears. Some other human relations students and professors have extensive Web-based material on these people and their achievements, and it can be interesting to learn more about them.

Q: A few of the research links are a little bit different from the way that they are described in the textbook. Why is this?
A: Since the Web is constantly changing, links die or move all the time. Although the Internet Exercises were updated the week before your textbook was printed, change on the Internet is uncontrollable. Therefore, we have updated some of the older links with newer ones that will provide you with similar but more current material.


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