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  General Resources: Learning Style Inventory Self-Assessment

As a Peak Performer and lifelong learner, you need to discover how you learn best. There are various learning style inventories that can help you. You may want to visit the career center or learning skills center on your campus and explore various learning style inventories. The following Learning Style Inventory will help you discover your learning style.

Determine your learning style preference. Complete each sentence by checking A, B, or C. No answer is correct or better than another. Check the one you prefer.

1.) I learn best when I

A. ____see information.


B. ____hear information.


C. ____have hands-on experience.

2.) I like
  A. ____pictures and illustrations.
  B. ____tapes and listening to stories.
  C. ____working with people and going on field trips.
3.) For pleasure and relaxation, I love to
  A. ____read.
  B. ____listen to music and tapes.
  C. ____garden or play sports.
4.) I tend to be
  A. ____contemplative.
  B. ____talkative.
  C. ____a doer.
5.) To remember a Zip Code, I like to
  A. ____write it down several times.
  B. ____say it out loud several times.
  C. ____doodle and draw it on any available paper.
6.) In a classroom, I learn best when
  A. ____I have a good textbook, visual aides, and written information.
  B. ____the instructor is interesting and clear.
  C. ____I am involved in doing activities.
7.) When I study for a test
  A. ____I read my notes and write a summary.
  B. ____I review my notes aloud and talk to others.
  C. ____I like to study in a group and use models and charts.
8.) I have
  A. ____a strong fashion sense and pay attention to visual details.
  B. ____fun telling stories and jokes.
  C. ____a great time building things and being active.
9.) I plan the upcoming week by
  A. ____making a list and keeping a detailed calendar.
  B. ____talking it through with someone.
  C. ____creating a computer calendar or using a project board.
10.) When preparing for a math test, I like to
  A. ____write formulas on note cards or use pictures.
  B. ____memorize formulas or talk aloud.
  C. ____use marbles, Legos or three-dimensional models.
11.) I often
  A. ____remember faces, but not names.
  B. ____remember names, but not faces.
  C. ____remember events, but not names or faces.
12.) I remember best
  A. ____when I read instructions and use visual images.
  B. ____when I listen to instructions and use rhyming words.
  C. ____with hands-on activities and trial and error.
13.) When I give directions, I might say,
  A. ____"Turn right at the yellow house and left when you see the large oak tree. Do you see what I mean?"
  B. ____"Turn right, go three blocks, and left at Buttermilk Lane. OK? Got that? Do you hear what Iím saying?"
  C. ____"Follow me," after giving directions by using gestures.
14.) When driving in a new city, I prefer
  A. ____to get a map and find my own way.
  B. ____to stop and get directions from someone.
  C. ____to drive around and figure it out by myself.

Total A choices
Total B choices
Total C choices

The highest total indicates your predominant learning style.

If most of your answers were "A," you are a visual learner. If you answered "B" most of the time, you are an auditory learner. "C"s indicate a kinesthetic learner.

You will find good information about learning styles and links to information about other learning styles at

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