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Strategies for Success
  General Resources:Team Style Inventory

This short inventory is designed to give you a general sense of your dominant and preferred personality when in a team or group setting. It simply indicates a general preference and is not meant to put you in a rigid category.

Read each line and select the two characteristics that best describe you as a person. When you are finished, click Calculate Score.The column that has the highest number of characteristics circled indicates your dominant style. Remember to select two characteristics per line. Have fun!

    D   S   A   C
1.) Persuasive Open Practical Creative
2.) Controlling Supportive Objective Involved
3.) Decisive Calm Hard-working Idealistic
4.) Urgent Thoughtful Deliberate Imaginative
5.) Competitive Gentle Efficient Original
6.) Confident Trusting Systematic Intense
7.) Risk-taking Cooperative Industrious Ingenious
8.) Self-starter Tactful Steady Dramatic
9.) Challenging Sensitive Thorough Ideal-oriented
10.) Assertive Receptive Self-controlled Motivated
11.) Dominant Sympathetic Cautious Insightful
12.) Immediate Helpful Loyal Future-oriented
13.) Energetic Approachable Factual Reflective
14.) Problem-solver Harmonious Precise Intuitive


You are a/an   when in a group or team setting.

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