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Introduction to American Policing
Introduction to American Policing

Additional Activities: Simulation Scenarios

Chapter 9: Girl Watching Issue: Police Ethics

Officer Rock Michaels is a rookie police officer just out of the police academy. He is thrilled when he is assigned to Officer Evans, a veteran of the Metro Police force of 15 years, well known and well respected by all the police officers in the force. Officer Evans has been given several commendations for exemplary service and is a pillar of the community. Officer Michaels expects to learn a lot working with Officer Evans. On the third night of their patrol, Officer Evans leaves the patrol sector they have been assigned and head towards Metro University and the co-ed dorms. He turns out his headlights and Officer Michaels thinks they are responding to a silent burglar alarm. When Officer Evans shuts the car off and pulls out a pair of binoculars, Officer Michaels is confused. "The two windows on the second floor usually give a real good show on an average night," says Officer Evans. Just then Officer Michaels understands. The windows are the bedroom and bathroom of a co-eds apartment and young girls can be seen undressing. The officers are positioned at the windows for another 15 minutes until a call comes through summoning them to another location. Officer Michaels is at a loss as to what to do.

What should rookie Officer Michaels do?

a   Tell Officer Evans to quit this activity or you will turn him in.  
b   Tell his immediate supervisor and let Officer Evans face the consequences.  
c   Do nothing, say nothing - this is a fellow officer.  

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