The Web is rapidly becoming a significant source of information and activities. Here is a sample of what's available to anthropology students and instructors.

African Primates at Home (General information about African primates including photographs and sample vocalizations.)

Anthropology in the News (This page contains links to new stories published on the web by CNN, New York Times, and others, as well as university press releases.)

Dental Microwear Web Site (This specialized site includes information and microwear images.)

The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China (This site includes a catalog of Chinese fossils, papers, a forum, and other information.)

The Human Genome Diversity (HGD) Project (An extensive source of information and basic documents about the Human Genome Diversity Project.) morrinst/Alghero.html

Human Genome Program (Information about the Human Genome Project.) top.html

Human Prehistory: An Exhibition (This is a general introduction to human prehistory.)

The Lucy Test (This is an analysis of Lucy which is ideal for beginning anthropology students.)

McGraw-Hill Anthropology Newsletters (This site contains the Physical Anthropology Updates by Stein & Rowe.)

The Mendel Web (Educational resources in classical genetics.)

The Natural History of Genes (This site includes news, projects, and tutorials on genetics.)

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (This is a catalog (database) of human genes and genetic disorders.)

Origins of Humankind (This is a website that contains a number of links to other sites on human evolution. Included are news stories and events.)

Pan Africa News (The Newsletter of the Japan Committee for the Conservation and Care of Chimpanzees and the Mahale Wildlife Conservation Society.)

Primate Gallery Archive (A source of images and vocalization of the living primates.)

The Talk.Origins Archive (Expores the creation/evolution controversy.)

The World Wide Web Virtual Library (Harvard Universities Virtual Library of Evolution includes extensive lists of web sites including books, journals, organizations, museums, as well as sites dealing with various aspects of evolution.)

Many museums have their own web page with information about exhibits and events.

American Museum of Natural History

Field Museum of Natural History

MIT Museum

Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan

The Natural History Museum, London

Peabody Museum of Harvard University

Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Institution

University of California Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

If you know of any web sites that you would like us to share in the next Update, please send the internet address to one of the following email addresses:

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