Internet Movie DataBase:
A really amazing and exhaustive site with extensive information on just about everything related to the craft, the people and film history.

Classic Celluloid:
Provides information on British film, as well as silent film and much more.

Screen Site:
ScreenSite emerged from a desire to provide access to film and television resources through the World Wide Web. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the study of film/TV. As opposed to some Web sites that take more of a fan's approach to the media, ScreenSite stresses the teaching and research of film and television and is designed for educators and students.

Film Research
Provides links to specialized catalogues, bibliographies, institutes, dictionaries, newspaper reviews and much more.

Forum for Psychoanalytic Study of Film:
An international interdisciplinary organization that provides opportunities for people interested in psychoanalysis and film to exchange ideas via screenings, conferences, a magazine and projections.

Postcolonial Cinemas:
An online course and set of resources devoted to the History and role of film in countries that were once colonies.

Cinema History:
Robert E. Yahnke at the
University of Minnesota provides a brief but handy history of film at this website.

Internet Movie Database: Today in Movie History:
Information on what was what and who was who in the movies on any day in History since 1900.

Box Office Statistics:
You can find out what films earned starting in the year 1900 here.

Image Bank
An extensive online database of stills and film clips.

Classic Movies's classic movies page.

The Film 100
A ranking of the 100 most influential people in the history of cinema. Contains a large collection of biographical information, film studies, interactive demos, and web links.

Association of Moving Image Archivists
An organization for individuals concerned with the collection, preservation, exhibition and use of moving image materials.

Film Sound Theory
Essays on film sound theory and technology.

The Widescreen Museum
The history of widescreen cinema, with explanations of various formats and their development.

News and Views