Classic Celluloid:
Provides information on British film, as well as silent film and much more.

Moving History:
A guide to UK film and television archives in the public sector.

French American Cultural Services:
This website offers considerable links to resources on French film

Cultural Services of the French Embassy in Los Angeles

French Cinema
Reviews, links, essays, and other resources for the study of French cinema.

Hong Kong Cinema:
Includes a searchable database, box office reports and much more.

MSN India - Cinema
Interviews, reviews, gossip, box office figures for Indian cinema.

Kinema Club:
Kinema Club is an informal group of scholars studying Japanese cinema and other moving image media (the name comes from famous Taisho era movie theaters in
Tokyo and Kobe).

Cannes Film Festival: Official Site:

The German Hollywood Connection:
A nicely designed website focusing on the multiple connections between German Cinema, actors, directors and

World Artists:
World Artists is an independent film distributor and home video label specializing in cutting-edge, artistic American and foreign films.

A great international and independent film distributor.

World Cinema
A guide to films, actors and actresses, and directors of world cinema.

Australian Film Institute

European Film Academy

South African Film Independent Site
A comprehensive guide for South African filmmakers; includes festival information, links, and bibliographical references to issues of concern for South African cinema.

National Film Board of Canada
The site for one of the most historically important national cinema organizations.

Dogme 95
Official website of the Danish film movement – includes info about their films, as well as the Dogme manifesto and “The Vow of Chastity.”