The Big Picture
This page provides tools you can use to find the most complete and latest art-related resources on the Internet. Whether you're looking for virtual holdings, images from a particular artist, the latest information on galleries and museums, or background on art movements, these resources will prove indispensable. Consulting these sites will not only help you get the "big picture" for whatever you may be interested in-it will also ensure that you have access to the latest information possible. Make these websites your first stop.
Gateways to Art

Art Links on the Web
Links to Museum of Modern Art "flash" tutorial on print making definitions.

Art Links on the Web
Links to an extensive but miscellaneous selection art-related sites.

Internet Art Resources
A directory of, and links to, contemporary artists, galleries, and museums plus an online magazine.

Digital Librarian: Art
An extremely long, alphabetically organized, list of links for all sorts of art resources from the mundane to the esoteric.

WWW Virtual Library History of Art Index
The History of Art Virtual Library is a collection of links aimed at assisting students of Art History.

Art History Sites on the Web
A broad selection of Art History links compiled by the Art History Webmasters Association at the University of Quebec at Montreal, including links to Art History courses, organized by region, period, and subject.

Digital Imaging Project
An index of links to Art History Web sites from the art of prehistory to postmodernism compiled by Mary Ann Sullivan at Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio.

Art Navigator
Various art-related links divided into five categories: General Art Resources, Art and Culture Resource lists by Country, Finnish Art and Culture on the Web, Art and Design Lists by Topic, Surfer's List to Art on The Web, and Art and Design Publications on the Web.

Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO)
The AMICO digital library will initially be distributed in the academic year 1998/1999 as a university test bed project. Currently, anyone can search the "Thumbnail Catalog" of nearly 20,000 works of art to locate images by keyword, category, or date.

World Wide Arts Resources:
This site probably provides the most comprehensive links to artists, art movements, galleries, museums, exhibitions and other information relevant to Art and Art History of any site on the internet. The site also provides access to employment agencies and commercial arts. It even provides an "arts locator" you can use to find out about events and activities in cities around the world.

Art Historian's Guide to the Movies
The Art Historians' Guide to the Movies is a record of appearances of and references to famous works of art and architecture in the movies. It is intended to be a source for teachers of art history who are considering showing clips or entire films as part of their presentation of the traditional arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture.

Mother of All Art History Links Pages
A directory of links to a variety of sources, including research resources, from the University of Michigan

Art History Resources on the Web:
This is a very large and detailed set of links for web resources in Art History--from Prehistoric Art to the 20th Century. While the emphasis is on Western Art, there is a section on "Non-European Art" as well.

Voice of the Shuttle:
A directory of links to a variety of sources, including a list of artists and works by chronology, from Alan Liu at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Timelines of Art History
These sites link simple timelines of art history to visual images and online texts for the periods in question. They present selected resources (web links) about the art and archaeology of ancient civilizations, including: Egypt, Greece and Rome, Asia, and the Middle East.
These sites link simple timelines of art history to visual images and online texts for the periods in question. They present selected resources (web links) about the art and archaeology of ancient civilizations, including: Egypt, Greece and Rome, Asia, and the Middle East.

Selected Sites: Some Good General Resources
The Internet has become an excellent nesting ground for "hypermedia" journeys into the humanities that integrate the multitude of primary source texts and images existing on line. The following resources are great starting points for locating on-line materials that are essential to the cultural backdrop of Art History. If you want to read Voltaire, or Copernicus, or search for love stories from the time of the Holy Grail, go to these sites first.

WWW Virtual Library History Index
History-related links sorted by category, including: Research: Methods and Materials; Eras and Epochs; Historical Topics; and By Countries and Regions.

Project Gutenberg:
A comprehensive source for finding and retrieving written masterpieces from all areas in the Humanities.

Internet Classics Archives:
An award -winning source for electronic texts from the Greek, Roman and Classical world, as well as select texts from China and the East, available free on-line.

ADAM, the Art, Design, Architecture & Media Information Gateway, is a service being developed to help you find useful, quality-assured information on the Internet in the following subject areas: Fine Art, Design, Architecture, Applied Art, Media, and Theory.

To get up to date on the major events and people for any particular period in World History, this is the place to go. Includes brief bios of major figures in politics art and culture, as well as interactive timelines.

Voice of the Shuttle:
The most comprehensive source for hypertextual studies of literature and culture available. A one stop shop for everything from Prehistory to Postmodernism, including links to numerous classic primary sources available for free on line.

Art History Resources on the Web:
This site offers an index of resources organized by time period, from Ancient to Modern Art.

Internet Ancient History Research Guide:
A great multidisciplinary source of information on the Ancient world.

Links to art, culture and everyday life are presented here to help provide a full picture of the period.

"Voice of the Shuttle: 19th Century:
A very complete selection of examples related to Art History, Architecture and other elements of cultural style.

Non-Western Art Links on the Internet:
Africa, Asia, India, Islam. Just your basic good starting point!!!

Universe in Universe: Interart Directories:
Probably the best single resource for Non Western Art History related sites on the internet. You can access a multitude information on countries in Asia, as well as Africa and India, via a clickable map. The Americas section includes an excellent selection of links from Latin America, African Americans in the US and other diversity related arts sites and issues in the US.

Asian Arts:
The on-line journal for study of Asian Arts includes links to current exhibitions, articles and galleries, along with general resources provided by other organizations. A very useful, highly rated site.

Asian Art Index:
A comprehensive on line guide to art resources, galleries and museums relating to Asian Art.

CEPA (Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Art):
This virtual gallery presents current photography exhibits, along with notes from the artist, gallery information, and links to other virtual museums. Check the Artist Call section for opportunities to submit your own work.

Artcyclopedia: the Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet
If you are just getting started searching for fine art on the Web and you are looking for works by a particular artist, Artcyclopedia is a great jumping off place. Using Artcyclopedia, you can type in or select an artist's name, and be taken to a list of Websites providing digital images of that artist's work.