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Chapter 5: Principles of Design in Art

Essay Questions

Chapter 5: Principles of Design in Art

  1. Analyze Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror, explaining how the painting utilizes all the principles of design. In your analysis, also mention how the elements of design are used to illustrate the various principles.
  2. Explain and describe all the different methods Grant Wood used to create emphasis and focal point in Parson Weems' Fable.
  3. Draw a diagram using geometric forms such as circles or squares to show at least 4 different illustrations of asymmetrical balance. Explain the illustrations, telling how the asymmetrical balance is achieved by each.
  4. Do you think Andy Warhol's 100 Campbell Soup Cans shows too much unity and not enough variety? Why or why not? What point do you think Warhol was trying to make with this painting?

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