The resources provided in this section will help you locate the best background information and images on periods and movements available on the web. Just so you don't forget, the Webmuseum: is an excellent starting point for quickly finding the basics about an artist, period or movement. To find out about the latest sites available, type Webmuseum: +artistname, period or movement name into any of the major search engines. The Webmuseum Artist Index: is also a worthwhile bookmark. If they don't have what you're looking for, try these resources below:

Yahoo: Periods and Movements:
This page provides information on the latest additions to the evolving electronic world of on-line art, as it relates to Art History periods and movements.

Voice of the Shuttle: Artists and Works by Chronology:
Provides links to limited amounts of general overview material for each period, along with links to individual artists.

Period and Style for Designers:
Not JUST for designers, this site provides annotated examples of architectural style from each major period in Western art. A good starting point for understanding the style of a particular period.

Safe Haven:
You can find a brief biographical sketch accompanied by excerpts and examples of the artistic and intellectual contributions from artists, musicians, philosophers and poets here.

Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period
This database of photographs from the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period (1860-1920) is provided by the Nagasaki University Library, and chronicles over 5400 hand-colored photos taken during the earliest stage in the history of Japanese photography. Visit this site to search for photographs on a range of subjects--urban and rural settings, people, customs, and a variety of locations.

Ancient Art

Argos: Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet
A peer-reviewed, limited-area search engine that accesses sites devoted to the ancient and medieval worlds.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
An online course supplement for students and teachers of the ancient and medieval worlds featuring essays and primary texts. Connected with Argos. (See above.)

The Ancient World Web
A directory of links to a variety of sites on the subject of Ancient Art. Organized by category, including: Art; Archaeology; Buildings, Monuments, and Cities; and Daily Life.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
An extensive list of links on the subjects of Classical and Mediterranean archaeology.

Sumerian Nippur
A site dedicated to the culture of Sumerian Nippur. Topics include Scribal Professions, Sumerian Arithmetic, Sumerian Accomplishments, and Sumerian Languages.

The definitive metaresource for on line resources concerning Roman art and archeology. You can access the material available for the Roman Empire via a clickable map.

Erotic Art in Pompeii

A service of the Oriental Institute & Museum at the University of Chicago, this site offers links to museums and other information sources concerning the Ancient East and Near East.

Probably one of the most comprehensive specialized resources available in the humanities, this site attempts to track all existing and emerging web links related to Byzantine and Medieval Studies.

Perseus Project:
Highly popular humanities related sites on the web, PERSEUS provides an interactive overview of the Ancient world, as well as a database of images which can be accessed by query.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures:
Integrating a site -specific overview of ancient cultures from around the world with images and primary source texts, this site is one of the best general introductions to the subject. The cultures of India, Asia and Africa are presented along with Western cultures. Medieval culture and history is also presented.

Medieval and Renaissance Periods

Web Gallery of Art
According to the site, the Web Gallery of Art contains over 8,500 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800. A considerable number of the pictures are annotated and biographies of the most significant artists are included.

ORB: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies:
You can teach yourself everything you'd ever want to know about the Middle Ages by using this site. It provides copious links to background material on the period, examples of objects and primary source material, as well as links to many issues surrounding the times--an extremely worthwhile tool.

Links to art, culture and everyday life are presented here to help provide a full picture of the period.

Arthurian Legend and Art:
A database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information. Multiple menus and in-depth search options.

Leonardo's World:
Interactive, and of incredibly high graphic quality, this site will introduce you to the world of the Renaissance through the life and works of Leonardo DaVinci, one of the world's most important natural philosophers and artistic master. This site provides a timeline which integrates a description of Leonardo's life and examples of his work with the major cultural and intellectual breakthroughs of the time. It also offers a free screensaver, along with a 9-step program to becoming a "Renaissance woman or man," if you are so inclined.
If you're looking for a quality introduction to the life and works of this artistic master, here's the place to go!

The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective:
This hypermedia essay provides must -see treatment of the relationship between art and science in the renaissance. A discussion of the intellectual and political influences on the development of "perspective" in art is presented, integrating artist examples.

Related Webmuseum Sites

Gothic Painting:

Italian Renaissance:

Northern Renaissance:

La Renaissance:

Baroque, 17th and 18th Century

Traditional Fine Arts Online
Links to sites focused on 18th to 20th century American representational art, including images, articles and essays, and museum calendars.

About Johannes Vermeer Art
The images of Vermeer's works on this site include windows that allow the viewer to look at the paintings in detail. The site provides a biography of the artist and an exploration of his iconography. The site also offers an ample listing of related sites, including museum collections, galleries, and educational sites.

In addition to images of Vermeer's paintings, this site includes directories such as "Find Your Closest Vermeer," and "The Paintings Sorted by Popularity," as well as an annotated list of Vermeer links. Produced by the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

Baroque Costumes:
A very complete overview of the baroque period, its etiquette and other lifestyle issues, including examples of the literature and costumes of the time.

The Age of Enlightenment:
Although the design of this site is primitive, and it is slow loading, this is one of the only sites to discuss the age of enlightenment and the French revolution, while integrating a discussion of art. The site provides a genealogy of major artists, along with annotated examples of their work.

Origins of Modern Childhood:
Using art and culture from the 18th Century in Britain, this site uncovers the origins of our modern concept of childhood. An excellent way to learn about the cultural legacy of childhood, as well as the art and literature of this period.

William Blake Archives:
A poet, illustrator, mystic and visionary philosopher, Blake was one of the first artists to explore the relationship between text and the visual arts in his work. This site provides overview material on the life and times of this controversial figure, as well as links to art and textual examples from his associates.

Rossetti Archives:
The life, times and work of this premier pre-Raphaelite poet and artist are explored, described and discussed at this site.

Related Webmuseum Sites

Jacques-Louis David:

Revolution and Restoration in England:

Revolution and Restoration in Other Countries:

19th Century Art

Traditional Fine Arts Online
Links to sites focused on 18th to 20th century American representational art, including images, articles and essays, and museum calendars. [RealPlayer]
This online art gallery specializes in paintings and poetry from art movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on lesser-know artists. Visitors may browse the collection of over 1,000 paintings by artist (by name, date, or nationality) or by painting (by artist, theme, or location). Also included are artists' biographies, lists of recommended readings, a collection of poetry, and some art videos.

Greatest Painters:
Kultur-online created this visually appealing series of links to the essential 19th and 20th Century artists (key Renaissance artists are also included). You'll find convenient links to major figures like Cezanne, Van Gough, Renoir, Picasso and many others here.

Victorian Web:
A multitude of cultural, economic and intellectual contexts in the 19th Century are presented and explored here, along with a complete discussion of their impact on the art, literature and culture of the time. Excellent examples of Victorianism in art, lifestyle and literature are also provided, along with links to related sites.

Sites to check out at the Victorian Web include:

Victorian Art in Britain:


Romanticism on the Net:
This site presents scholarly articles on the literature and art of the time, along with a set of useful links, mostly related to literature.

Voice of the Shuttle: 19th Century:
A very complete selection of examples related to Art History, Architecture and other elements of cultural style.

The Germ:
In addition to presenting and discussing the works of the Romantics and pre-Raphaelite artists, this site provides information on the women associated with the movements!!!

Links to examples of artists are presented alphabetically here.

The First Impressionist Exhibition:
It's beautiful, but... what will the critics say? This on-line presentation of works by artists in the first Impressionist exhibition, which included Cezanne, Renoir and Monet, presents the paintings and let's you discover what the critics had to say.

Impressionism Pages:
Provides links to Monet images and other Monet web pages.

Van Gough: a Handshake in Thought:
Images, letters, memoirs from his sister and a biography of the artist can be found at this excellent site.

20th Century

Traditional Fine Arts Online
Links to sites focused on 18th to 20th century American representational art, including images, articles and essays, and museum calendars. [RealPlayer]
This online art gallery specializes in paintings and poetry from art movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, with an emphasis on lesser-know artists. Visitors may browse the collection of over 1,000 paintings by artist (by name, date, or nationality) or by painting (by artist, theme, or location). Also included are artists' biographies, lists of recommended readings, a collection of poetry, and some art videos.

1918 - 1998: The Art of the First World War
Sponsored by UNESCO, eight European museums present The Art of the First World War, a Web exhibition commemorating the 80th anniversary of the end of the First World War. The exhibition features over 100 paintings by 54 artists from museums all over the world.

An index of major artists associated with "Modernism."

20th Century Painting Profiles:
This site provides brief background to each of the major 20th Century movements, and provides examples of the period as well.

Asada Gallery Cubism:
Examples of famous Cubist artists can be found here, along with a brief textual explanation about the movement.

The Official Picasso Website:
With an introduction written by his son, the site includes a tour of the current Picasso exhibition, as well as information on the life and times of this great artist.

Picasso Sites on the World Wide Web:
A listing of the sites on the net, plus a brief biography.

The Department of Objects and Delusions:
Reproductions of surrealist images and information and links about surrealist artists is presented at this site.

An Encounter with Marcel Duchamp:
Really one of the most interesting modern artist sites, it includes audio files of Duchamp talking about his work, and a timeline.

The Fauves Page:
For a complete overview of Fauvism and examples of the work, check out this site.

The Surrealism Server:
Provides access to Surrealist writing, games and exhibitions, as well as a "surrealist complement generator."

No More Words:
A "non-glossary" of Surrealist terms.

Manifestos, links to artists and other futurist resources on line, and a brief introduction to Futurism are presented here.

This site provides an essay on Futurism and the beginnings of the Fluxus movement, and includes links to other Futurism related pages.

The Original Fluxus Homepage:
Did you know Yoko Ono, wife of John Lennon is a pivotal figure in the Fluxus movement? Learn more about her contributions as well as those of many others here.

Dada Online:
Provides links to Dada art, artists, poetry and texts.

An online introduction to this early 20th Century German art movement.

Pop Art:
A very helpful and detailed overview to Pop Art is presented at this site, along with a series of links to pop artists like Andy Warhol, describing their lives and work.

Webmuseum Related Sites

The 20th Century:


Picasso and Cubism:




Abstract Expressionism:

Pop Art:




Postmodern Philosophy:
Provides links to the major philosophers who've become associated with this over-used and often misunderstood concept.

Links to Postmodern Art on the Web:
Includes links to artists like Andy Warhol and Laurie Anderson as well as links to authors like Thomas Pynchon.

Non-Western Art

African & Asian Visual Artists Archive
Close to 2,000 images of the work of twelve contemporary Asian and African artists working in the UK, selected from the African & Asian Visual Artists Archive (AAVAA).

Non-Western Art Links on the Internet:
Africa, Asia, India, Islam. Just your basic good starting point!!!

Universe in Universe: Interart Directories:
Probably the best single resource for Non Western Art History related sites on the internet. You can access a multitude information on countries in Asia, as well as Africa and India, via a clickable map. The Americas section includes an excellent selection of links from Latin America, African Americans in the US and other diversity related arts sites and issues in the US.

Asian Arts:
The on-line journal for study of Asian Arts includes links to current exhibitions, articles and galleries, along with general resources provided by other organizations. A very useful, highly rated site.

Asian Art Index:
A comprehensive on line guide to art resources, galleries and museums relating to Asian Art.

Education Resources on Asian Art:
This site provides an extensive list of Asian art links compiled by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

5000 Years of Chinese art (Guggenheim):
This site explores the importance of crafts to various Chinese dynasties as well as painting. Comprehensive on-line examples are included.

Japanese Art and Architecture:
A brief, handy online overview of Japanese art with examples, sponsored by the Webmuseum.

Clickable Map of the African Continent:
That's right! Click on the map and get a mini overview of the cultural significance of a particular African country to Art History on the continent. A great basic overview.

Webmuseum of Latin America:
An extensive list of links to museums and galleries throughout Latin America, organized by country.

The Manas of India:
A wonderful site that provides a colorful introduction to many aspects of Indian culture, including architecture, art and cinema amongst other things.

The Incredible Art Department:
If you're looking for the answer to why Mona Lisa is smiling, you just may find it here. In addition to offering links to art departments around the country, this site provides valuable resources on individual artists, periods and movements. A must see.

World Art Treasures:
Masters of European Art from the Berger Foundation are accessible here in a series of virtual exhibitions. The site also includes a number of on-line presentations related to Europe and Asia. The section on China is particularly informative, providing timelines and historic overviews of the major time periods as they relate to the artifacts exhibited.

Spiro Architecture Slide Library:
This slide library allows you to view expandable images of buildings and other historical sites from around the world.