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Who is this site for?

The McGraw-Hill Public Speaking Home Page is a resource for anyone who must give or evaluate speeches as well as anyone interested in finding out more about careers in the communication field. Classroom, business and social occasions present public speaking situations. Whether you’ve been asked to say a few words at a friend’s wedding, prepare a presentation for business associates, or complete an assigned speech for a public speaking class, you will find tips, procedures, and resources to get you started. Speakers will benefit from the step-by-step guide to preparing a speech. Instructors can use the site to supplement classroom training and as an ongoing resource for locating public speaking resources.

What is this site about?

This site provides information about the field of public speaking, outlines the process of preparing a speech, and provides tips on listening to and evaluating speeches.

Where do I begin?

To learn the basics of public speaking, check out the Public Speaking Tutorial. (This area includes  summaries for those who just want a brief refresher.)

To find historical speeches and other reference materials, check out Resources.

To learn more about public speaking as a career, check out the History and Careers area.

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