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The McGraw-Hill Public Speaking Tutorial will take you through the speech-making process step-by-step or allow you to select the information you need. Use it on your own or with classroom instructions.

How does the tutorial work?

The tutorial provides four areas that you may want to access sequentially: 1) selecting a topic; 2) locating and evaluating resources; 3) preparing the speech; and 4) speaking to an audience. These areas build on each other.  Some topics within areas address parallel items rather than sequential. All major topics within an area are accessible from any major topic within the area. A fifth area, listening to speeches, can be used to understand how audiences may listen to your speech or to improve your own listening skills.

When you select one of the categories, you'll find an overview and links to specific steps. Novice speech-givers will benefit most by reading topics in the stated order.   Experienced speech-givers can refresh skills by viewing summary pages, following links for a particular speech type, or accessing additional resources through the resource link pages.

How do you move through the tutorial?

Move to different segments of the tutorial by clicking on links to other areas or area topics listed in the left column of the page.  Display detail relevant to the page you're on by clicking an in-line link.  Exit the tutorial by selecting one of the top-level pages listed at the bottom of any tutorial page.

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