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"It is impossible to escape persuasive speaking, and persuasion has consequences. Change can occur when persuasion takes place. Persuasion is the process that occurs when a communicator (sender) influences the values, beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors of another person (receiver). . . .To fully understand persuasion, we need to understand influence and motivation." Hybels & Weaver, Communicating Effectively, p. 458)

Analyzing Rhetorical Argument Canons of Rhetoric
Cognitive Dissonance  
Forest of Rhetoric History of Rhetoric
I Think...and Here's Why: An Exercise in Clear Self-Articulation Persuasion Foundations Notes
Propaganda Analysis Quintilian on Rhetoric
Stephen's Guide to Logical Fallacies

Application: See how logical you are with this test (click here). After completing the test, consider: How logical do you think you are in persuasive situations? Is your persuasiveness more effective in your close relationships? Work relationships? Other contexts?

Informative Speaking

"Informative speeches generally concentrate on explaining--telling how something works, what something means, or how to do something. A speaker who gives an informative speech usually tries to give his or her audience information without taking sides." (Hybels & Weaver, Communicating Effectively, p. 293)

Informative Speaking Planning and Presenting

Speech Preparation
Online booklets for electronic research and documentation. Giving Your First Speech, Rhetorical Theory, and Presentation Graphics.

Free Speech
'Congress Shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press...' Read More about Freedom of Speech.

Types of Speech
Learn more about Informative and Persuasive Speeches.

Speech Archives
Historical and modern speeches

Tips and information on this commonly used presentation application.

Today in History
A day in History

Humor and quotes to help your speech - or just for your own enjoyment.

History / Careers
The history of public speaking and potential career options for you.

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