Middle Childhood: Physical, Cognitive, and Social Development

Physical Development Cognitive Development Social Development Faculty Resources Student Resources

Physical Development

K-12Page- Index

K-12: Growth, Development

FullTexts: Older Children, Pre-Teens, Young Adolescents (9-14)

Pediatric Health Care

Information Schedule


Cognitive Development

Attention Deficit - Hyperactivity Disorder

Development Theories

Strategies for dealing with ADD in the classroom

Dyslexia:The Gift. Information and Resources for Dyslexia

Learning and Other Disabilities


National ResearchCenter on the Gifted and Talented (Javits Center)

NICHCY-Info About Speech & Language Disorders

IncludingStudents with Disabilities in General Education Classrooms. ERIC Digest

The Benefits of an Inclusive Education: Making It Work

Schools the source of rough transitions

Valuing Diversity in the Multicultural Classroom. ERIC Digest., Quintero, Elizabeth

Key Characteristics of Middle Level Schools. ERIC Digest., Lounsbury, John

Curriculum and Instruction in Junior High and Middle Schools: What Parents Should

Family.com: Education Category Page

Montessori for Older Children


Social Development

Erikson Summary Chart

Teaching children not to be -- or be victims of -- bullies

Assessment of Temperament. ERIC Digest., Teglasi, Hedwig


Mental Health Net - Facts for Families Index

Androgyny RAQ:What is Gender?


ERICDIGEST:Having Friends, Making Friends, and Keeping Friends: Relationships

Enhancing Students' Socialization: Key Elements. ERIC Digest., Brophy, Jere

Gangs in the Schools. ERIC Digest 99., Burnett, Gary; Walz, Garry

Child Abuse Prevention Network

ERICDIGEST: The Debate over Spanking

NCCAN Clearinghouse Home Page

"BoysWill Be Boys" and Other Myths

Discipline: A Parent's Guide

How Can Schools Help Prevent Children from Using Drugs?

Restructuring Schools for Young Adolescents. Issues in Education Series.

School Environments For Young Adolescents: What Parents Should Look For

ERICDIGEST: Supporting Girls in Early Adolescence

The Shy Child

Talking with Young Adolescents about School

What Do Parents Need to Know About Children's Television Viewing?

Dads and Their Daughters: Father to Father Strategies

ERICDIGEST: What's Happening to American Families?

FamilyResearch Laboratory, 2:02 PM 8/20/97

Summary of Findings and Recommendations

Research on the Effects of TV

Faculty Resources

Divisions of the American Psychological Association

LPJSublist: Journals A-C

The APA Monitor, Newspaper of the American Psychological Association

UCP Journals Division: Journals by Title

LPJ Sublist: Child Psychology

AAMFT Professional Development Section

Kid Source OnLine Organizations

Welcome to the ERIC/AE On-line Library (Papers)

MentalHealthNet - Professional Resources Index

Behavior On Line:About The Behavior OnLine Forum

MentalHealthNet - PsychJournalSearch

Society for Research in Child Development

Index: ClassicTheories of Child Development

Video Journal of Education Products

Family.com:Books and Videos on Social Skills


KidSourceForums- Welcome

Education Journal Annotations: FGHI

Audio and Video Cassette Tapes

CEC Division Journals

Online Psych- Homepage

Student Resources

APA Undergraduate Student Information

K-12: Web Sites

Education-Homework Helpers

AAMFT Web Site

Online Psychology Career Center

Psychology Organizations on the Web

Career Exploration Links

NPIN Resources for Parents: Full Texts of Parenting- Related Materials

Step-parenting and Blended Families

The Parenting Community: PARENTS PLACE.COM

FullTexts: Parents and Families in Society

NPIN Resources for Parents: Full Texts of Parenting- Related Materials

Newsletters and Magazines for Parents

Our Children: The National PTA Magazine

Families, Parenting & Parental Rights - Gay/Lesbian Issues Net Links

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