Developmental Psychology Image Bank

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Preoperational thought's Characteristics

Primary child-care arrangements used by employed mothers

Child poverty rates in 18 industrialized countries

Piaget's mountain task

Average height and weight of girls and boys 2-6 years

Three mountains task perspective

Growth curves

The development of gross motor skills in early childhood

Development of fine motor skills in early childhood

Piaget's substages of sensorimotor development

Array of objects



Time frames of memory

Cubes used to study mental rotation abilities

Balance scale used by Siegler

The normal curve and the Stanford-Binet IQ scores

Approaches to children's learning, cognitive development, and intelligence

Approaches to children's learning, cognitive development, and intelligence

The snowflake model of creativity

A developmental information-processing model of reading

Chess and Thomas' basic clusters of temperament

Proportion of youngsters living in single-parent households

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