Child Development Resources

The links below are to some useful sites for students of Child Development. Explore these sites but remember to come back.

Reproduction, Prenatal Development, & Birth Infancy
Early Childhood Middle Childhood

Institute for Behavioral Genetics

The Institute for Behavioral Genetics at the University of Colorado at Boulder is dedicated to conducting and facilitating research on the genetic and environmental bases of individual differences in behavior. This site contains publications of the IBG, email lists, and links to related sites.

The Parent's Page

A list of resources for parents and parents-to-be, focusing on issues of pregnancy, childbirth, adoption, family planning, and parenting.

Baby Web

Devoted entirtely to babies, this site contains links to Newsgroups related to babies, articles and papers about various topics related to pregnancy and babies, Frequently Asked Questions, baby-care and baby-development aids, services for expectant and new parents and baby products for sale.

KidSource OnLine

KidSource OnLine is an information service for parents and educators that provides information about children, focusing on heath, education and recreation information. The site also offers links and information about computing and software relevant to children from newborn through 12th grade.

Adoption: What to Expect at Different Ages

This site provides a good overview of Erikson's first five stages of psychosocial development (through adolescence), presented in terms of behaviors adoptive parents can expect from their adopted children.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)

Information and resources concerning psychological problems that arise among children

Birth Psychology

Pages of the Association for Pre- & Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) where "in these pages you'll be able to explore the many mental and emotional dimensions of pregnancy and birth in everything from scholarly articles to personal stories and late-breaking headlines."

Child Abuse Yellow Pages

Collection of resources related to child abuse that includes issues pertaining to the psychological problems of children

Child Development Abstracts & Bibliography Online Edition

This journal publishes abstracts of articles from a variety of other journals; this content is available online for a trial period

Child Development Resources

Includes a review of classic theories of child development (listed separately below), a bulletin board, and a set of links to other resources.

Child-Neuro Home Page

The main purpose of this site is to coordinate the available internet resources concerning issues in Child Neurology, both for professionals and patients

Developmental Psychology

A leading journal in developmental psychology

Guide to the Internet for professionals in child mental health

"This paper offers an overall guide to the Internet and more specifically describes what is available to psychologists, psychiatrists and other professionals in child mental health. Ways in which the Internet can be accessed are outlined and comment is made on the place of the Internet in the future of child psychiatry and psychology. A glossary of terms used in this article is provided."

Infants, Babies, Children, Childbirth

Pages are intented primarily for parents-to-be, but provide information about early physical and psychological development as well

"This Page is about behavioral individuality in infants, children and adults. It is intended as a clearinghouse for research and practical information about temperamental characteristics to be used by parents, students, professionals and others who have an interest in temperament"

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