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Part 6: Teaching Methods

Using the Web: Create a Lesson Plan


Create a lesson plan for a specific academic subject area and grade level. Use the featured Web links within this chapter to help you. The following questions and additional online resources provide a framework for developing your lesson plan.

  1. What is your chosen subject area and grade level? What is the title of your lesson plan or activity?

  2. What are the instructional objectives for your students?

    See AskERIC Lesson Plans ( for examples of detailed student objectives.

  3. What materials are needed for the lesson?

    Find discount supplies at Discount School Supply ( and free items at Teacher Freebies (

  4. How will you use an "advance organizer" to focus student attention?

    Learn more about how to utilize advance organizers in the classroom at Advance Organizers (

  5. What are the learning activities in which students will participate?

    Visit Education World's Lesson Planning page ( for examples of high-quality lesson plans and learning activities.

  6. What methods and criteria will you use to assess and evaluate students?

    See Assessment ( for alternative assessment ideas, sample student assessments such as portfolios, and strategies for success.


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