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Teaching Methods Resources

Scientific Basis for the Art of Teaching

Teaching in Historical Perspective
The History of Education Site
Blackwell History of Education Research Museum
Cogito: The Cognitive Paradigm
Center for Dewey Studies
Effective Teaching
Principles for Effective Teaching
HVCC's Center for Effective Teaching Home Page
NCREL: Pathways to School Improvement
Education Hot Links
Academic Learning Time
Educational Psychology Interactive: Academic Learning Time
A Systems Model of the Teaching/Learning Process
Effective Teaching Class Notes
Learning to Teach
National Center for Research on Teacher Learning
Overcoming the Education-Training Divide: The Case of Professional Development
Troubleshooting Your Class
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Constructivist Perspective
The Institute for Constructivist Theories of Learning
Constructivist Teaching and Learning Models
WWW Constructivist Project Design Guide

The Role of Planning in Teaching

Instructional Objectives
Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
Arts Education Evaluation
Effective teaching strategies and the design of instruction
Behavioral Objectives
Writing Behavioral Objectives
Individual Education Planning:  Behavioral Objectives
Bloom's Taxonomy
Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Cognitive Domain
Critical Thinking
Selecting Curriculum Content
Arts Education: A Curriculum Guide for Grade Eight
Reading Curriculum Guide Contents
A Curriculum Guide for the Elementary Level
Instructional Design
Instructional Model: Academic Learning Units
An Overview of How to Design Instruction
Lesson Plans
Lesson Plan Format
Busy Teachers' WebSite: K-12
Crossroads: A K-16 American History Curriculum
ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher Education - Lesson Plans
Education World - Lesson Planning & Lesson Plans
Educational WWW Resources for K-12 Students and Teachers (by Subject)
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education Lesson Plans
Heritage Online: K-12 Lesson Plan Resources
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Scientific Research Lesson Plans
Literature & Writing Lesson Plans
National Geographic Society's Geography Lesson Plans
Net Lessons: Web-based Projects for Your Classroom
Ron MacKinnon's Educational Bookmarks - Lesson Plans
Search for Lesson Plan Materials
Science Lessons By Subject
The Teachers.Net Lesson Exchange
Teachers' Pets
Unit Plans
A Model Unit for Teaching Visual Arts
Wellness and Teacher Education Centre: Instructional Units
Department Home Pages: Education
Learning Unit Plans 

Curriculum Theory

Historical Perspectives
New Times Demand New Ways of Learning
Current Perspectives
The Thinking Curriculum
Learner-Centered Classrooms, Problem-Based Learning
Educating Teachers for Diversity
Why Should Assessment Be Based on a Vision of Learning? 

Technology in Education

Utilizing Educational Technologies
Ask the Learning Network -AskLN
WWW 4 Teachers
The Schoolhouse Networking & Other Connectivity Information Center
Incorporating Technology into Curriculum
Explorer TM
Ruralnet Online Course Unit 3: Infusion of Internet/WWW into Lesson Plans
New Mexico Technology Integration Resource Pages
Novi Meadows Technology Infused Curriculum
Curriculum and Technology Links
Technology Planning
Developing a School Technology Plan
Learning Through Technology: A Planning and Implementation Guide
Northwest Educational Technology Consortium
Understanding Hardware and Software
Ask the Learning Network - AskLN
Online Collaborative Projects
Earth System Science
Global Online Adventure Learning Sites
Pitsco's Launch to Online Collaborative Projects
Creating Learning Communities: Practical Universal Networking for Learning in Schools and Homes
Implementation of Global Internet Project
Online Learning Activities
The Internet in the Classroom - NASA
Global Schoolnet Foundation - Linking Kids Around the World
Exploratorium - ExploraNet
Online Class: Internet Education Projects
Technology Lesson Plans
Delivering Instruction on The World Wide Web
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
Internet Learning Resources
The World Wide Web
About the Net, HTML Tools and Graphics
A Teacher's Guide to Understanding the Internet 

Learning Environments and Motivation

Establishing a Positive Classroom Climate
Student Motivation to Learn
Positive Classroom Environment and Student Self-discipline
Behvior Management and Positive Classroom Environment
Effects of Classroom Environment on Motivation
Caring and Support
Leadership for School Culture
Praise in the Classrooms (ERIC Digest)
Effects of Teacher Behavior and Expectations on Students
Classroom Interactions and Achievement
Raising Expectations to Improve Student Learning (NCREL Monograph)
Understanding the Keys to Motivation to Learn
Teacher Talk- Teacher Expectations and Student Achievement
Learner-Centered Classrooms, Problem-Based Learning
Strategies for Enhancing Student Motivation
AskERIC InfoGuide - Motivating Students
Motivating Students
Parent Involvement and Student Learning
Creating Learning Communities: Practical Universal Networking for Learning in Schools and Homes
Parent Information Network
Parental Involvement is as Easy as Pie
Helping Your Child Series 

Extending Learning Time

Extending Learning Time for Disadvantaged Students - Vol. 1
Extending Learning Time for Disadvantaged Students - Vol. 2
Homework Resources
Ask Dr. Math
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
CNN News
Helping Your Child Series
Internet Public Library - Our World
Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia
Launch Point: Los Angeles Times On-Line Homework Columns
My Virtual Encyclopedia
National Geographic Map Machine
Newspapers on the Net
Purdue On line Writing Lab (Research Papers)
Reference Shelf
Research Paper Online
Research Room (Writing A Research Paper)
Study Web
The Virtual Newspaper
The Virtual Reference Desk
A Web of On-Line Dictionaries
The World Factbook
Yahooligans -- Yahoo's Search Engine for Children
Kids Web: A World Wide Web Digital Library for Schoolkids
Student Study Skills
Studying, Learning and Control: Making School A Success
How To Be A Successful Student
The CalREN Project, UC Berkeley
Critical Thinking Strategies
Helping Students Assess Their Thinking
Mind Tools - Information Skills - Mind Maps
Strategy List: 35 Dimensions of Critical Thought
The Center for Critical Thinking - Teacher Resources
Critical Thinking Strategies 

Methods for Multicultural Classrooms

Student Diversity: Racial Diversity, Cultural Pluralism
American Studies Web Page: Race and Ethnicity
Language Diversity (ESL, LEP, Bilingual Education)
Language Use
Accommodating Language Diversity in Schools
Social Class Diversity
Social Class and Emergent Literary Experience
Social Class Home Page 

Multicultural Curriculum Development

Multicultural Pavilion
Multicultural Education: Strategies for Linguistically Diverse Schools
Crossing Borders: Multicultural Literature
Welcome to the Children's Multicultural Literature Resource
Multicultural Curriculum Resources
South Asian Children's Books
Gender Differences
Research on Girls in School
Ensuring Equity and Excellence in Mathematics
Improving Girls' Achievement In Science
National Association of Women in Education
Gender Equity in Math, Science, and Technology Education
Equity Online
Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America
The AWSEM Project
Surprising But True
Addressing Student Exceptionalities
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) Home Page
A Teacher's Guide to Exceptional Children
  • Mainstreaming/Inclusion

  •      Friends of Inclusion Resource Page
         SERI - Special Education Resources on the Internet
         Inclusion: School as a Caring Community
  • Learning Disabilities

  •      Online: Interactive Guide to Learning Disabilities for Parents, Teachers, and Children
  • Behavioral Disorders/Emotional Disorders

  •      ADHD Information Library
         Teaching Tips: ADHD
         Teacher Adaptations for Children with Attention Problems
         Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders
         Center for the Study of Autism
         Teaching Tips for Children and Adults with Autism: Temple Grandin
  • Visual/Hearing Impaired

  •      Blindness Resource Center
         Teacher Topics: Students with Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities
         Council on Education of Deaf: Deaf Education Website
         Deaf-Blind Perspectives
  • Gifted and Talented

  •      National Excellence: A Case for Developing America's Talent
         The TAG Family Network
         The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
         Education Program for Gifted Youth

    Classroom Management

    Preventive Classroom Management/Rules and Procedures
    The Metamorphosis of Classroom Management
    Classroom Management
    Classroom Discipline Techniques
    Classroom Management
    Organization and Management of the Classroom
    Managing Inappropriate Behavior
    Positive Discipline
    Aggression and Cooperation: Helping Young Children Develop Constructive Strategies
    Managing Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom
    Reward Systems
    Student Motivation to Learn
    Bucks for Books
    Assertive Discipline
    Conventional Systems of Classroom Discipline
    Assertive Discipline in Schools
    Discipline with Dignity
    Teacher's Workshop - Discipline with Dignity
    Discipline with Dignity
    Discipline Profiles
    Student Self-Management
    Student-led Conferences
    Working Toward Student Self-Direction and Personal Efficacy as Educational Goals 

    Teaching Approaches: Presentation

    Diagnosing Prior Knowledge
    Inquiring Minds: The Long Haul
    Increasing Comprehension by Activating Prior Knowledge
    Schema Activation, Construction, and Application
    Checking for Understanding
    Tips for Teachers: Checking for Understanding
    Checking for Understanding
    Advance Organizers
    Advance Organizers
    Subsumption Theory
    Learning Styles
    Multiple Intelligences Home Page
    Learning Styles
    American Indian/Alaskan Native Learning Styles: Research and Practice
    Hispanic-American Students and Learning Style
    Learning Styles Counseling
    Teaching Styles
    Constructivist Teaching and Learning Styles
    Master Teachers
  • Instructor-Centered

  •      Selecting a Delivery Strategy
         4kids Staff Vision
  • Content-Centered

  •      Curriculum Reform Movement
         Content-Centered Language Learning
  • Student-Centered

  •      Providing Hands-On, Minds-On, and Authentic Learning Experiences in Science
         Learning Areas or Centers
         Shifting Instructional Paradigms: Student-Centered Teaching and Learning
  • Teacher-Student-Content Centered

  •      From Theory to Practice: Classroom Application of Outcome-Based Education
         The Thinking Curriculum
    Lesson Examples
    ERIC Virtual Lesson Plans 

    Teaching of Concepts

    Concepts of Higher-Level Thinking
    The Critical Thinking Community
    Think Quest
    Use of Mental Images/Effective Concept Teaching
    Graphic Organizers
    Lesson Examples
    Concept Attainment Model: A Viable Component for Elementary Science Curriculum
    Social Studies Grade One
    Lesson Plan Format

    Directive Instruction

    Behavior Modeling and Demonstration
    The Behavioral Approach
    Social Learning Theory
    Procedures for Effective Direct Instruction
    Learning Assistance Centre for Direct Instruction
    Using Direct Instruction to Integrate Reading and Writing
    Lesson Examples
    Lesson Plan Formats: Direct Instruction
    More About Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan 

    Cooperative Learning

    Cooperative Learning Approaches
    Notes on Cooperative Learning
    Cooperative Learning
    Procedures for Effective Cooperative Learning
    Getting Students Ready for Cooperative Learning
    Cooperative Learning
    Accommodating diversity and disability with cooperative learning
    Active and Cooperative Learning
    Lesson Examples
    Cooperative Learning in the Secondary School
    An Example In-class Exercise: "Value Conflicts" 

    Problem-Based Learning and Instruction

    Inquiry-Based Learning
    Problem-based Learning
    Web-based Inquiry Resources
    Challenging, Authentic, Interdisciplinary Tasks
    Principles of Problem-Based Learning
    Problem-Based Learning and the Lively Classroom
    What is Problem-Based Learning?
    Procedures for Effective Problem-Based Instruction
    Goals and Objectives of PBL
    Learner-Centered Classrooms, Problem-Based Learning, and the Construction of
            Understanding and Meaning by Students
    Problems: A Key Factor in PBL
    Eight Tasks of Problem-Based Learning
    Lesson Examples
    Smallville Prairie Development Project
    Supplying Our Water Needs
    Problem-Based Learning: Nigeria
    Sprinkler Systems 

    Creativity and Intelligence

    Teaching to Foster Creativity
    Encouraging Creativity in Early childhood Classrooms
    Creative Teaching Tips From Around the World
    Creativity in Young Children
    Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences
    Multiple Ways of Knowing
    List of Ideas for Multiple Intelligences
    Multiple Intelligences Theory and the Arts

    Classroom Discussion

    Effective Teacher Questioning and Use of Wait-Time
    Instructional Conversations and Their Classroom Application" (ERIC Digest)
    Effective Teaching Strategies
    Using "Think-Time" and "Wait-Time" Skillfully in the Classroom ERIC Digest)
    Conducting Effective Classroom Discussions
    Reciprocal Teaching
    Assessment in a Constructivist Classroom
    Lesson Examples
    Effective Teaching Strategies
    Reach Consensus
    Scientific Investigation of Natural Phenomena 

    Assessment and Evaluation

    ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation
    A Long Overview on Alternative Assessment
    Critical Issue: Rethinking Assessment and Its Role in Supporting Education Reform
    Teacher Grading
    Evaluating: Grading and Scoring
  • Rubrics

  •      Empowering Students through Negotiable Contracting
         Assessment Rubrics
         Sample Assessment Rubrics
  • Holistic Scoring

  •      Holistic Scoring
         Holistic Scoring Rubric
         On Holistic Scoring and the Nature of Reading
    Standardized Testing
    The Educational Assessment Reassessed: The Usefulness of Standardized and Alternative Measures of Student Achievement
    Why Should Assessment Be Based on a Vision of Learning
    Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Tests
    Norming and Norm Referenced Test Scores
    Test Construction and Use
    Constructing Classroom Achievement Tests (ERIC Digest)
    Basic Item Analysis for Multiple Choice Tests (ERIC Digest)
    A Study of Two Guidelines for Writing Multiple Choice Items
    Writing Multiple Choice Test Items (ERIC/AE Digest)
    Open-Ended Questions in Reading
    From Multiple Choice to Multiple Choices
    Performance Assessment
    Some Performance Assessment Techniques
    Creating Meaningful Performance Assessments (ERIC DigestE531)
    What Does Research Say About Assessment
    Authentic Assessment
    The Portfolio and Its Use: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment of Young Children
    What Does Research Say About Assessment?
    A Long Overview on Alternative Assessment:
    Student Portfolios
    The Portfolio and Its Use: Developmentally Appropriate Assessment of Young Children
    Performance & Portfolio Assessment for Language Minority Students
    Culminating Exhibtions
    Performances and Exhibitions: The Demonstration of Mastery
    An Exhibition of Skills: A Cooperative Venture
    Anatomy of an Exhibit
    Three Pictures of an Exhibit 

    Learning Strategies

    Overview of Effective Learning and Study Strategies
    How to Be a Successful Student
    Improving Learning Achievement
    Developing Learning Skills in Early Childhood
    Theoretical Support: Accessing Prior Knowledge
    Performance & Portfolio Assessment for Language Minority Students
    Critical Issue: Rethinking Assessment and Its Role in Supporting Education Reform
    Critical Issue: Building on Prior Knowledge
    Types of Learning Strategies
    Eloquent Evident: Arts at the Core of Learning
    Learning Skills Program-Organizing and Integrating Information
    Critical Issue: Providing Hands-On, Minds-On, and Authentic Learning Experiences in Mathematics
    How to Be a Successful Student
    Engaged Learning
  • Rehearsal Strategies

  •      Role Playing
  • Elaboration Strategies

  •      Trainer Notes: Cognitive Mapping Techniques
  • Organization Strategies

  •      Developing Learning Strategies
         Organizational Strategies
  • Metacognitive Strategies

  •     Metacognition
        The Metacognitive Process
    Promoting Effective Study Strategies
    The Ideal Learning Environment
    A Few Examples of Active Learning Techniques
    Reasons for Studying 

    The School as Workplace

    School-to-Work Model of Learning
    National School-to-Work Learning and Information Center
    Education and Work
    School-to-Work Transition
    Study of School-to-Work Initiatives
    National Center for Research in Vocational Education
    Center on Education and Work (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
    School-to-Work Initiatives Around the Nation
    How to Structure a Work-based Learning Experience for Your Student
    Work-Based Learning Resource Center
    Council of Great City Schools: School-to-Work
    Cornell Youth and Work Program
    California's School-to-Career Net
    New York State School-to-Work Online
    The Secretary of Labor's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (1991 SCANS Report Introduction)
    Summary of the School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994
    Schools as Organizations
    Bringing Schools and Communities Together in Preparation of the 21st Century
    School-Based Management: Strategies for Success
    Toward a Sociology of Educational Technology
    Effective Schools Research
    Coalition of Essential Schools Publications
    Critique: Bringing Context into Effect Schools Research: Urban Suburban Differences
    School Effectiveness Research in Rural Schools
    Riley Recognizes Effective Schools That Beat the Odds
    Attributes of Effective Schools
    Coalition of Essential Schools
    School Attributes That Foster Success Among All Learners
    How to Add the Human Dimension for More Effective Schools 

    The First Year of Teaching

    The Beginning Teacher Experience
    Helpful Hints for Beginning Teachers
    Letters to Beginning Teachers
    Beginning Teacher Support Initiatives
    A Program forRetaining Entry Year Teachers
    Critical Issue: Providing Professional Development Activities
    BTSA Beginning Teacher Support & Assessment
    Helping New Science Teachers With Phone Assistance for Teachers of Science (PATS)
    About the Praxis Series
    Online Resources Providing Support to New Teachers
    You Don't Have to be 2nd Bananas
    Classroom Management
    Real Kids, Real Adventures Teacher's Lounge 

    Subject Area Resources

  • Visual Arts

  •      Webmuseum Paris
         Landscape Painting
         Smithsonian Photographic Services
         Edo no Iki Gallery
         WWW Virtual Library of Museums
         National Gallery of Art
  • Performing Arts

  •      Classical Composer Biographies
         Classical Net Home Page
         Garden State Pops Youth Orchestra Instruments
         FAQ Dance
         Directory of Theater Resources
         The Shenandoah Shakespeare Express

    English/Language Arts
  • Reading

  •      Read*Write*Now: Table of Contents
         Content Reading Skills
         I Hate to Read
         Gifted Readers and Reading Instruction
         The Word Detective
         Focusing on Words
         American Literary Classics
         American Literary Tradition
         Children's Literature Web Guide
         Children's Authors and Illustrators and Their Books
         Children's Storybooks Online
         Classics for Young People
         Columbia University Project Bartleby -- Literary Classics
         The CyberLibrary of Children's Stories
         Escape Your Disaster: Adventure Island
         Fake Out! The Definition Guessing Game
         The Global Campfire
         Helping Your Child Series: Helping Your Child Learn to Read
         Kids Web Literature
         Library of Congress, Chiildren's Literature Center
         Midlink Magazine
         The Mother Goose Pages
         The On-line Books Page
         On-line Children's Stories
         Reader's Theater Editions
         Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
         Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics and Readers Theater for Children and Young Adults
         Tales to Tell
         Theodore Tugboat
         Vocabulary University
         Vocabulary Stretchers
         Wacky Web Tales
         Welcome to Bear Country: Kody's Beary Scary Story
         Whimsical Bedtime Stories for Children of All Ages
         Wordies on the Web
  • Phonics

  •      Phonics is Phonics is Phonics
         Cybernews Education Section
  • Writing

  •      Teaching of Writing Skills
         Writing Lessons
         An Elementary Grammar
         Exploring English
         Purdue Online Writing Lab
         Activities for Teaching Writing
  • Literature

  •      An Introduction to the Study of Literature
         Children's Literature Web Guide
         Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
         Young Adult Literature Library
         The Shakespeare Mystery
         The Shakespeare Classroom
         Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
         Poetry and Literature Lesson Plans
         Interpreting Ideas in American Literature
         Columbia University Project Bartleby
  • Literacy

  •      National Institute for Literacy
         Accelerating Literacy
         Language and Literacy Program
  • Balanced Literacy Program

  •      Content Literacy Information Consortium
         Staff Development - Balanced Literacy
         Literacy Bookshelf
  • Critical Thinking

  •      Critical Thinking Skills
         Secondary School Educators Resource Library
         Classroom Material - Center for Critical Thinking

    Foreign Languages
    Teaching With The Web
  • Chinese

  •      Internet Based Chinese Teaching and Learning
         On-Line Chinese Tools
         Resources for Teaching and Learning of Chinese
         Chinese Character Genealogy
  • French

  •      French Resources on the Web
         University of Ottawa-Resources for Teachers and Students of French as a Second Language
         Creative French Teaching Methods
         La Fete Colombienne Des Enfants
         French Educational Site of ETIENNE
  • German

  •     German Corner
        German Language Links
  • Latin

  •      Latin Culture
  • Spanish

  •      Latino Resources on the Net
        Spanish Language Resources for Children

    History/Social Studies
    McGraw-Hill Teaching Resources: Social Studies
    Archaeology Resources for Education
  • Ancient Civilizations

  •      Ancient Greek Artifacts
         Exploring Ancient World Cultures
         NOVA Online Pyramids - The Inside Story
         The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
         Museum of Antiquities
  • Economics

  •      Interactive Stock Market Unit
         Economics and Geography Lessons - Elementary
         Currency Exchange and the Gang of Fifteen
         Lemonade Stand
         Rich and Poor, the Growing Gap
  • Geography

  •      Geography Education - National Geographic Lesson Plans
         GeoNet Game
         Geography World
         An Amazon Adventure
  • U.S. History

  •      The History Net
         The American Civil War Homepage
         Colonial Williamsburg Home Page
         Crossroads - American History Lesson Plans
         National Council for History Education
         Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living
         Ravensgard Medieval Homepage
         Medieval Sourcebook
        Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project (Stanford University)
         Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Biographical Sketch
         Life Magazine's Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.
        "I Have a Dream"-- Martin Luther King, Jr.
        "Letter from Birmingham Jail" -- Martin Luther King, Jr.
         Quotations of Martin Luther King, Jr.
         Robert Kennedy's Speech on King's Death
         Martin Luther King Exhibit -- National Civil Rights Museum
         Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King
         Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement
         National Civil Rights Museum
         Black History Month Website
         The African American Mosaic
         African American Contributions to Science, Technology and Medicine
         African American Historical Figures
         Archive of Articles by and about African Americans (Atlantic Monthly)
         Directory of African American Sites
         Universal Black Pages

    Ask Dr. Math
    The Math Forum
    Helping Your Child Learn Math
    State of the Art: Transforming Ideas for Teaching and Learning Mathematics
    Critical Issue: Implementing Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Standards in Mathematics
    Teachers Helping Teachers - Math Lesson Plans
    Ask ERIC Math Lesson Plans
    Math Lessons & Courses
    Bram Math Homework Help
    Math Archives
    Math Magic
  • Arithmetic

  •      Monster Math
         Math Forum - Arithmetic Resources
         Elementary Level Math Resources
  • Algebra

  •      Math Forum - K-12 Algebra Resources
  • Geometry

  •      The Geometry Problem of the Week
         Math Forum - K-12 Geometry Resources
  • Calculus

  •      Alvirne High School's Advanced Placement Calculus Problem of the Week
         Math Forum - Calculus
  • Fractals

  •      A Fractals Lesson
  • Manipulatives

  •      Math Manipulatives
  • Trigonometry

  •      Trigonometric Identities
  • Dealing with "Math Anxiety"

  •      How to Prevent Poor Math Achievement
         Overcoming Math Anxiety

    The History of the Light Microscope
    The Exploratorium Science Snackbook
  • Biology

  •      Envirolink
         Cells Alive!
         Biology and Life Sciences
         The WWW Cell Biology Course
         MathMol / An Introduction to Molecular Modeling
  • Chemistry

  •      Chemistry
         Internet Chemistry Resources: TEACHING RESOURCES
         The WWW Virtual Library of Chemistry
         The Periodic Table of Elements
         Atom World: Molecular Model Construction Kits
  • Life Science

  •      Biology and Life Sciences
  • Physical Science
  • Science Resources: Physical Science
  • Virtual Laboratory
  • Physics

  •      Physics
         The WWW Virtual Library: Physics
         The Physics Factory

    Physical Education
    Chapter V: Physical Education
    Ask Noah about Childhood Fitness
    P.E. Central
  • Health

  •     Health Lesson Plans
        Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention
        Shape Up America
        The Real Scoop on Tobacco
  • Nutrition

  •     Kids Food Cyber Club    
        Dole 5 A Day Home Page
        Food Zone

    Vocational Education

    National Center for Research in Vocational Education
    ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education
    Office of Adult and Vocational Education
    Modern Principles of Vocational Education
  • Business

  •      National Business Education Resources
         Business Education Resource Consortium for California
         School-to-Work Internet Gateway
  • Home Economics

  •      Education Index - Home Economics Resources
         Developing Educational Standards - Home Economics
         Home Economics Links
         Virtual Nutrition Center
    Community Service
    Education Week Articles on Service Learning
    Service Learning Home Page
    Computer Instruction
    An Educator's Guide to the Internet for the Classroom
    Classroom Connect
    WWW 4 Teachers
    K-12: Computer Technology 

    Global Education

    A Global Educator's Guide to the Internet
    Peace Corps Global Education Resources
    The American Forum of Global Education Links to Resources

    Middle School Education

    Turning Points: Preparing American Youth for the 21st Century
    This We Believe: Developmentally Responsive Middle Level Schools
    Middle Web: Exploring Middle School Reform
    The Middle School Information Center
    A Teachers' Guide: Working with Young Adolescents
    Center for Adolescent Studies
    Harvard Education Letter: Middle Grades Reform
    Phi Delta Kappan: Middle Grades
    Through the Looking Glass: The Future of Middle School Reform
    Great Transitions: Preparing Adolescents for a New Century
    Key Characteristics of Middle Level Schools
    Middle Schools with Exemplary Practices for LEP Students
    Muddle in the Middle
    A Crack in the Middle
    Listservs for Middle School Educators
    National Association of Secondary School Principals
    California Department of Education: Middle Grades Division
    National Middle School Association
    Middle Level Student Activities Association
    Middle School Partnership
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