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The following schools and school districts have initiated exemplary programs that illustrate and model a commitment to multicultural teaching and learning practices. If your school or school district has a program in place that can serve as a model to teachers, administrations, and school boards, refer them to Paul Gorski at gorski@earthlink.net.

An Ethnographic Approach to Multicultural Learning
Hollinger Elementary School, Tuscon, Arizona

Hollinger's mission is "to provide the ultimate learning opportunity by which students are able to develop their full potential and become successful members of the community." This project is based on a year-round calendar with an extended-day schedule; a two-way bilingual program; weekly staff development sessions; an anthropological approach to home visits that generates interdisciplinary, multicultural units; and a full-service family support center.

Hans Christian Andersen Schools of Many Voices
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This collection of schools in Minneapolis has dedicated to institutional multicultural transformation. The goals of the schools speak directly to inclusion, curriculum reform, and developing an atmosphere of safety for all students.

Multicultural Committee
Pinellas Park Middle School, Pinellas Park, Florida

The purpose of the Multicultural Committee is to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity among students. The committee, sponsored by two teachers, travels to other schools and works to learn more about the various cultures in central Florida.

Multicultural Math Fair
Frisbie Middle School, Rialto, California

Several years ago, math teachers at this middle school collaborated in the development of several multicultural math activities for the first in what would become an annual math fair focusing on multicultural themes. The resulting Web site contains many of the activities along with links and student reactions.

Multicultural Passport
Equity Office, Jefferson County Public Schools, Colorado

Jefferson County teachers teamed with their Equity Office to develop this database of lesson plans in all subject areas. Lesson plans are also arranged by issue: Age, Disabilities, Gender, etc.

Students Against Landmines
St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Ottawa, Ontario

Over 100 students from St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, contributed to the development of this site through which they lobby for the clearing of landmines from schoolyards in Afghanistan and Mozambique. The site also highlights similar work by students around the world.

Thew Elementary School--Multicultural Integrated Curriculum
Tempe, Arizona

Thew School has instituted a schoolwide plan to serve its diverse student population "based on the belief that all students can be successful and attain high performance standards and achievement goals." Part of this plan is an integrated multicultural curriculum. Thew has thrived on this initiative, becoming the Multicultural Demonstration School for Tempe School District No. 3.