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Articles on Multicultural Education

Blinding Sight: A Question of Color
Gene-Tey Shin, a teacher and multicultural education trainer, shares his experiences understanding color, color-blindness, and education through this personal narrative spanning across most of his life.

A Cultural Plunge
Gary Fortune shares his experience observing a bilingual elementary classroom in San Diego. In narrative form, he implicitly connects his experience feeling like an outsider (he does not speak Spanish) during that single day to that of many students who feel disconnected in schools across the United States because English is not their native language.

Multicultural Education: A Blueprint for Action
The National Council on Educating Black Children wrote this strategic plan for implementing multicultural education. The article is organized around a chronology of 5 implementation tasks.

Multicultural Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools
Michael Webb wrote this article about the implementation of multicultural programs in K-12 schools. He explores the goals of these programs and their effect on students.

Multicultural Pavilion International Project
This collection of original articles and essays on multicultural education and related topics is one of the most popular sections of the Multicultural Pavilion Web site.

The Scope of Multicultural Education
Mary Stone Hanley of Antioch University uses a social change framework in this summary of approaches and conceptualizations for multicultural education.

A Synthesis of Scholarship on Multicultural Education
Geneva Gay summarizes most of the scholarship on multicultural education through 1994 in this monograph.