cover thumbnail Teachers, Schools, and Society
by Sadker & Sadker
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Part I: Teachers and Students

Chapter 1: Becoming a Teacher

Chapter 2: A Question-and-answer Guide to Entering the Teaching Profession

Chapter 3: Teacher Effectiveness

Chapter 4: Student Diversity

Part II: Schools and Curriculum

Chapter 5: Schools and Beyond

Chapter 6: Life in Schools

Chapter 7: What Students Are Taught in School

Chapter 8: Controversy Over Who Controls the Curriculum

Part III: Foundations

Chapter 9: The History of American Education

Chapter 10: Financing and Governing America's Schools

Chapter 11: School Law and Ethics

Chapter 12: Philosophy of Education

Part IV: Tomorrow

Chapter 13: The Struggle for Equal Educational Opportunity

Chapter 14: Technology in Education

Chapter 15: Your First Classroom

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