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Chapter 23: Subjects and Verbs

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Writing Activities

Activity A

Directions: On a separate sheet of paper, identify the subjects and verbs in the following sentences.

1. I waited in the dentist's office all morning.

subject: __________ verb:__________

2. Old clothes and tattered newspapers were found in the attic.

subject: __________ verb:__________

3. Without realizing it, John had walked right past his date.

subject: __________ verb:__________

4. The messenger's brand new bike was leaning against the railing.

subject: __________ verb:__________

5. Justin and Fiona raced through the station to catch their train.

subject: __________ verb:__________


Activity B

Directions: For additional help with subjects and verbs, visit Literacy Education Online or use your favorite search engine to find other useful sites on the web.



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