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Correction Symbols

Here is a list of symbols the instructor may use when marking papers. The numbers in parentheses refer to the pages that explain the skill involved.

Agr Correct the mistake in agreement of subject and verb (454-459) or pronoun and the word the pronoun refers to (464-466).
Apos Correct the apostrophe mistake (502-508).
Bal Balance the parts of the sentence so they have the same (parallel) form (103-104).
Cap Correct the mistake in capital letters (491-498).
Coh Revise to improve coherence (77-86; 146-149).
Comma Add a comma (516-525).
CS Correct the comma splice (432-444).
DM Correct the dangling modifier (484-488).
Det Support or develop the topic more fully by adding details (55-61).
Frag Attach the fragment to a sentence or make it a sentence (418-431).
lc Use a lowercase (small) letter rather than a capital (491-498).
MM Correct the misplaced modifier (481-483).
Indent for a new paragraph.
No ¶ Do not indent for a new paragraph.
Pro Correct the pronoun mistake (464-475).
Quot Correct the mistake in quotation marks (509-515).
R-0 Correct the run-on (432-444).
Sp Correct the spelling error (531-535).
Trans Supply or improve a transition (80-84).
Und Underline (513).
Verb Correct the verb or verb form (445-453; 460-463).
Wordy Omit needless words (112-113).
WW Replace the word marked with a more accurate one.
? Write the illegible word clearly.
/ Eliminate the word, letter, or punctuation mark so slashed.
^ Add the omitted word or words.
;/:/-/— Add semicolon (527), colon (526); hyphen (529), or dash (528-529).
checkmark You have something fine or good here: an expression, a detail, an idea.


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