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The General Well-Being Scale  

For each question, select the answer that best describes how you have felt and how things have been going for you during the past month.

  1. How have you been feeling in general?

  2. Have you been bothered by nervousness or your "nerves"?

  3. Have you been in firm control of your behavior, thoughts, emotions, or feelings?

  4. Have you felt so sad, discouraged, hopeless, or had so many problems that you wondered if anything was worthwhile?

  5. Have you been under or felt you were under any strain, stress, or pressure?

  6. How happy, satisfied, or pleased have you been with your personal life?

  7. Have you had reason to wonder if you were losing your mind, or losing control over the way you act, talk, think, feel, or of your memory?

  8. Have you been anxious, worried, or upset?

  9. Have you been waking up fresh and rested?

  10. Have you been bothered by any illness, bodily disorder, pain, or fears about your health?

  11. Has your daily life been full of things that are interesting to you?

  12. Have you felt downhearted and blue?

  13. Have you been feeling emotionally stable and sure of yourself?

  14. Have you felt tired, worn out, used-up, or exhausted?

    Click the button that seems closest to how you have felt generally during the past month.

  15. How concerned or worried about your health have you been?
    at all
    10 8 6 4 2 0 Very

  16. How relaxed or tense have you been?
    10 8 6 4 2 0 Very

  17. How much energy, pep, and vitality have you felt?
    No energy
    at all,
    0 2 4 6 8 10 Very

  18. How depressed or cheerful have you been?
    0 2 4 6 8 10 Very

    Your Score:


Find your score below.

81-110 Positive well-being
76-80      Low positive
71-75      Marginal
56-70 Stress problem
41-55 Distress
26-40      Serious
0-25      Severe

SOURCE: National Center for Health Statistics, General Well-Being Scale (GWBS).

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