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How Comfortable Are You in Social Situations?  

The statements below are things you may have thought to yourself at some time before, during, or after a social interaction with someone you would like to get to know. Decide how frequently you might have been thinking a similar thought, and select the appropriate answer. Please answer as honestly as possible.

1. When I can't think of anything to say, I can feel myself getting very anxious.
2. I can usually talk to women/men pretty well.
3. I hope I don't make a fool of myself.
4. I'm beginning to feel more at ease.
5. I'm really afraid of what she'll/he'll think of me.
6. No worries, no fears, no anxieties.
7. I'm scared to death.
8. She/He probably won't be interested in me.
9. Maybe I can put her/him at ease by starting things going.
10. Instead of worrying, I can figure out how best to get to know her/him.
11. I'm not too comfortable meeting women/men, so things are bound to go wrong.
12. What the heck, the worst that can happen is that she/he won't go for me.
13. She/He may want to talk to me as much as I want to talk to her/him.
14. This will be a good opportunity.
15. If I blow this conversation, I'll really lose my confidence.
16. What I say will probably sound stupid.
17. What do I have to lose? It's worth a try.
18. This is an awkward situation, but I can handle it.
19. Wow--I don't want to do this.
20. It would crush me if she/he didn't respond to me.
21. I've just got to make a good impression on her/him, or I'll feel terrible.
22. You're such an inhibited idiot.
23. I'll probably bomb out anyway.
24. I can handle anything.
25. Even if things don't go well, it's no catastrophe.
26. I feel awkward and dumb; she's/he's bound to notice.
27. We probably have a lot in common.
28. Maybe we'll hit it off real well.
29. I wish I could leave and avoid the whole situation.
30. Ah! Throw caution to the wind.

Positive Thoughts Score:

Negative Thoughts Score:

Find your scores on the table below. A high score on the Positive Thoughts scale indicates a high degree of comfort in social situations and a low degree of social anxiety. A high score on the Negative Thoughts scale indicates a high degree of social anxiety. For tips on overcoming social anxiety, refer to the Behavior Change Strategy in Chapter 3 of your text.

Positive Thoughts Negative Thoughts  
Men Women Men Women  
40 45 34 31 Significantly below average
43 48 39 34 Somewhat below average
47 52 44 38 Average
51 56 49 42 Somewhat above average
54 59 54 45 Significantly above average

SOURCE: Used with permission from Glass, C. R., et al. 1982. The social interaction self-statement test. Cognitive Therapy and Research, New York: Plenum Publishing. 37-55.

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