cover thumbnail American History: A Survey 10/e
by Alan Brinkley
About the Book

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For the Instructor

Instructor's Manual. For each text chapter, the IM includes: chapter summary, chapter objectives, main themes, points for discussion, map exercises, interpretive questions based on the maps and text, and essay questions.

Test Bank. For each text chapter, the TB includes: 35 multiple choice questions, 5 sentence completion exercises, 5 true/false questions, 10 essay questions, and an answer key (with correct answers, text page references, and level of difficulty ratings). The TB is available in print, for Windows, and for the Mac.

Overhead Transparency Acetates. This collection contains 100 full-color images of maps, fine art, graphs, and charts from the book.

NEW: Presentation Manager CD-ROM. This CD provides multimedia access to all instructor materials in an integrated package. The Presentation Manager includes the following resources: a large image bank of maps, charts, graphs, and photos; interactive maps, the Instructor's Manual and the Computerized Test Bank. Customize your classroom presentations using the resources we provide by adding your own materials.

Instructor's Organizational Binder. This attractive 3-ring binder will hold all the print supplements to keep instructors' materials organized.

For the Student

Study Guide. For each text chapter, the two-volume Study Guides provide: chapter objectives, main themes, a glossary, pertinent questions, identification questions, documents, a summary, and review questions.

NEW: Interactive Study Guide CD-ROM. This interactive, multi-media tool extends and enhances the text. It includes a dynamic mapping workbook, self-tests with feedback, learning activities, exercise, glossary, and web links.

NEW: American Identity Explorer. Immigration and Migration.The AIE is an interactive, multi-media CD-ROM seminar and archive on mass migration to and within the U.S. from the 1890s to the 1920s. A unique compilation and interactive learning environment, it combines over 1500 photos, maps, documents, graphs, works of art, and texts with commentary.

NEW Online Learning Center ( With areas for students and instructors, this rich website provides quiz and review features, interactive dynamic maps and mapping exercises, extensive links to additional resources, and more.

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