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Chapter 6: A World Divided

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Essay Questions

  1. Describe the cultural blending that took place in the western part of the Roman Empire between Germanic and Roman societies. Was this blending as successful as the cultural blending seen in the Hellenistic kingdoms?
  2. What were the advantages of the fragmentation of the Roman Empire for the church? What were the disadvantages?
  3. Which of the problems facing the Byzantine emperor had also been problems for the Roman Empire? Discuss how the Byzantines addressed these problems. Were their strategies different from their predecessors? Were their strategies less or more successful?
  4. How did the eastern and western churches split apart? What was the impact of this split?
  5. Compare and contrast the beliefs of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. What do they have in common? How do they differ?*

  6. What accounted for the rapid expansion of Islam?*

* Starred questions correspond with questions in the "Review, Analyze, and Anticipate" section of your textbook, pp. 214-216.


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