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General Psychology Sites

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American Psychology Association’s PsychNet http://www.apa.org/ The American Psychological Association’s Web site is a true megasite, and it is a good place to start Web surfing for psychology students and professionals alike. Services offered include documents on psychology, information about undergraduate and graduate education in psychology, listings and descriptions of APA’s books, journals, and conferences, information about APA divisions, job listings, and much more.

Psych Web http://www.psychwww.com
This is a megasite of psychology resources for students, instructors, and professionals. It offers a special collection of information for students, including tips for applying to graduate school, an APA style crib sheet, and tips on writing research papers.

PsycInfo http://www.apa.org
APA members can search the huge PsycInfo database online. This database contains many thousands of book and journal entries going back to the 1960s, including abstracts and keywords. Over 4000 new entries are added every month.

GlobalPsych Institute http://www.shef.ac.uk/uni/projects/gpp/index.html The Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies in Sheffield, England presents this searchable online dictionary of mental health, including links to other online resources. This site also includes archives of psychology-related documents and information.

Mental Health InfoLink http://www.psychwww.com/resource/selfhelp.htm This site is an index of sites related to self-help and mental health issues from aging to suicide.

Psycoloquy http://www.princeton.edu/~harnad/psyc.html
Psycoloquy is an electronic journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association on an experimental basis. There is no hard copy version. It publishes articles, brief reports, book reviews, and commentary in almost all areas of psychology.

National Institute of Mental Health http://www.nimh.nih.gov/home.html This government site contains information on mental disorders and their treatment, conference proceedings, research updates, news, and upcoming events.


History of Psychology Sites

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HistPsyc Headlines Pages http://www.unb.ca/web/units/psych/likely/headlines This Web site takes an interesting approach to explaining the history of psychology. Major events from 1650-1960 are presented in the form of newspaper articles.

Not-an-Exam on Famous Psychologists
This anagram quiz provides an effective way to learn about important figures in the history of psychology.

Behavior Online http://www.behavior.net
This site offers several interesting online discussion groups focusing on the various aspects of behavioral psychology. These groups also offer pertinent information about their particular areas within behavioral psychology.

Association for Humanistic Psychology http://www.ahpweb.org/index.html This home page for humanistic psychology allows access to pertinent journals, bibliographies, and related Web sites.


Research Sites

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The Scientific Method: Elegant Experiments
This site provides an overview of the scientific method, as well as several interesting experiments demonstrating its application.

Basic vs. Applied Research http://www.lbl.gov/Education/ELSI/research-main.html This site defines and gives the history and future directions of both basic and applied research. Questions and activities are also provided.

Case Studies in Science http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/projects/cases/case.html This site offers several case studies covering a variety of topics, along with workshops and detailed instructions for developing a case study.

Gallery of Data Visualization http://www.math.yorku.ca/SCS/Gallery/ This site offers graphic representations of data, including, for example, the original scatterplot and pie chart, with a history of how each was developed.

Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, and Applications http://www.psychstat.smsu.edu/sbk00.htm
This Web site covers every aspect of statistics, from basic ratios to complex ANOVAS. There are numerous interactive exercises, and each concept explanation includes colorful illustrations.


Biological Psychology Sites

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Basic Neural Process Tutorials http://psych.hanover.edu/Krantz/neurotut.html This site provides several interactive tutorials related to neural processes.

Neuroanatomy and Nueropathology on the Internet
This site provides links to images, tutorials, teaching modules, case reports, and much more. Topics covered range from the structure of the neuron, to the peripheral and central nervous systems, to the structure of the brain.

ShuffleBrain http://www.indiana.edu/~pietsch/home.html#sample This site offers links to hypertext journals, images, and other Web sites devoted to topics such as split-brain research and brain damage.

Neurosurgery at NYU http://mcns10.med.nyu.edu
This site provides a detailed, fully-illustrated explanation of neurosurgery. In addition, it includes links to many fascinating case studies that highlight a diverse range of central and peripheral nervous disorders.


Sensation and Perception Sites

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Sensation and Perception http://www.illusionworks.com This site provides interactive tutorials, an extensive set of auditory examples, and several interactive demonstrations of sensation and perception. This site also contains 3-D pictures and some optical illusions.

The International Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications http://www.enabling.org/ia/gestalt/gerhards
This site provides extensive information about Gestalt psychology, including its history, current theory, and applications. In addition, current publications are included, and links to other Gestalt sites are offered.

Anomalous Cognition
http://www.psy.uva.nl/resedu/pn/res/ANOMALOUSCOGNITION/anomal.shtml This Web site is devoted to extrasensory perception (ESP), providing online experiments, journals, and abstracts. In addition, numerous links to other ESP sites are offered.


Consciousness Sites

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Association for the Scientific Study for Consciousness http://assc.caltech.edu This site offers illustrated seminars, journal articles, bibliographies, and links that cover the history and current theoretical structure of consciousness.

SleepNet http://www.sleepnet.com
This site has organized every sleep-related Web site by categories such as sleep disorders, dreams, and research.

MINet: Meditation Information Network http://www.minet.org This site includes newsletters, articles, and auditory clips about transcendental meditation, as well as instructions for meditating. In addition, a link is provided to TRANCENET, which provides general information about meditation and links to other sites.

Hypnosis.com http://hypnosis.com/index.htm
This site provides links to every major association and many other interesting sites dealing with hypnosis. In addition, products, teaching manuals, and videos are offered.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism http://www.niaaa.nih.gov This site provides the latest news and journal articles on alcohol abuse and alcoholism. In addition, this site provides links to several leading alcohol-related associations.

Psychoactive Drugs http://www.thebody.com/pinf/drugbkix.html This site explains which drugs are used for various mood disorders and offers detailed information about each drug. Information provided includes the drugs’ brand names, main and side effects, warnings, and interactions with other drugs.


Learning Sites

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Conditional http://www.science.wayne.edu/~wpoff/cor/mem/conditnl.html This page uses hypertext documents and colorful graphics to explain classical conditioning.

Operant http://www.science.wayne.edu/~wpoff/cor/mem/operant.html This page is devoted to explaining the theory behind operant conditioning through hypertext articles and numerous illustrations.

Social Cognitive Theory http://reach.ucf.edu/~edf7232/weiner.html Using hypertext articles, video clips, and extensive graphics, this site offers a comprehensive look at the field of social learning.

National Center for Learning Disabilities http://www.ncld.org This site provides information on various learning disabilities. An extensive list of links, organized by topic, is also provided.

Positive Reinforcement http://server.bmod.athabascau.ca/html/prtut/reinpair.htm This site offers a self-paced tutorial designed to teach the concept of positive reinforcement. It includes examples, practice exercises, links to related information, and activities.


Memory Sites

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Noetica: A Cognitive Science Forum
This Web site provides information about models of memory with a mathematical component. Offering descriptions and tutorials, this site introduces some of the major psychological models of memory.

False Memory Syndrome Foundation http://www.fmsfonline.org This is the home page of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. This site provides information about, and mailing lists related to, False Memory Syndrome (FMS) and a link to Internet resources connected with FMS.

Mindtools http://www.demon.co.uk/mindtool/memory.html
This site provides access to tools designed to improve your memory. Techniques to improve memory are explained, and applications for the use of mnemonic devices are provided.


Cognition and Language Sites

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Cognitive and Psychological Sciences on the Internet
This site provides extensive links to various psychology sites, with an emphasis on cognitive psychology.

Mind Games http://www.q-net.net.au/~gihan/mindgames
This site offers games that measure creativity and teach basic problem-solving skills.

Dyslexia: The Gift http://www.dyslexia.com
This site offers links, games, support groups, papers, and more related to dyslexia.


Intelligence Sites

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Braintainment http://brain.com/welcome.html
This informative and entertaining Web site contains several online IQ tests, and personality tests. It also offers opportunities to subscribe to ThinkFast magazine and to purchase software.

Self Discovery Workshop http://www.iqtest.com
This Web site offers the opportunity to receive a complete intelligence profile, take an IQ test, or search a database of other intelligence-related links.

The ARC: A National Organization on Mental Retardation http://www.thearc.org
The ARC is the largest U.S. organization devoted to helping people who are mentally- retarded. This site offers links to related sites and has its own search engine to explore the ARC’s extensive database. Local ARC chapters can be accessed to learn more about mental retardation or how to help mentally-retarded people in a particular area.


Infant and Child Development Sites

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To Know Ourselves: The Human Genome Project
Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Human Genome Project, this site uses colorful graphics and easy-to-understand text to explain how the study of genetics influences our lives.

Crack Babies http://www.thebabiesplanet.com/bbcrack.shtml This site provides articles and links to sites that deal with the effects of crack cocaine on babies. Several articles contain moving photography.

SIDS Network http://sids-network.org
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the leading killer of infants in the United States, yet very little is known about it. This site provides comprehensive coverage of what is known, including information about support groups.

Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development
http://snycorva.cortland.edu/~ANDERSMD/KOHL/CONTENT.HTML This site offers a complete review of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development, including examples of moral dilemmas and links to related sites.

Center for the Study of Autism http://www.autism.org This site explains autism and related disorders, and it provides information about intervention and support groups. Excellent links to associations dealing with autism are also offered.


Adolescent and Adult Development and Aging Sites

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College View http://www.collegeview.com/index.html
Designed for the college student, this site offers individualized school survival guides, financial information, career-planning advice, and much more.

Suicide Prevention http://www.afsp.org Suicide is a persisting problem among teenagers. An excellent resource for suicide education and prevention, this site offers links to a variety of suicide-related sites on the Web.

The ABA Commission on Domestic Violence
This Web site deals with spousal abuse, providing both information about domestic violence and ways to get involved in preventing such violence.

The Institute for Human Development, Life Course, and Aging http://utl1.library.utoronto.ca/www/aging/depthome.html This institute’s home page provides information about all aspects of adulthood and aging.

The Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia http://www.alz.uci.edu This site explains the different forms of dementia that afflict elderly people. It includes interesting links and MRI photos comparing healthy brains with the brains of people with dementia.

Getting Older http://www.apa.org/journals/pag.html This page offers explanations of the various theories of aging.

DeathNet http://www.rights.org/deathnet/open.html
This site is dedicated to exploring all aspects of death and dying. It includes in-depth histories of the study of death, as well as the latest information about the controversy surrounding a person’s right to die.


Motivation Sites

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The Center for Eating Disorders http://www.eating-disorders.com This site offers information about eating disorders, including how to know if someone is suffering from one.

Web of Addictions http://www.well.com/user/woa
This Web site offers fact sheets and detailed discussions about addiction. Links to relevant sites are also provided.

Self Growth http://www.selfgrowth.com This site provides a range of multimedia, motivational quotes, research, talks, and more. It is designed to help people empower themselves, achieve their goals, and contribute to the betterment of society.


Emotion Sites

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Emotion Laboratory Research http://www.psy.ulaval.ca/~arvid/R2e.html Using numerous articles, extensive graphics, and pertinent links, this site teaches the ways emotions are studied.

The Option Institute http://www.option.org
This site is devoted to helping people be happier, describing techniques they can use to improve the quality of their lives.

Depression Central http://psycom.net/depression.central.html#contents This site explains all aspects of depression, from sadness to endogenous depression.

Angry@OU http://www.otap.com/angry/index.html
This site is maintained by angry people who intend both to vent their anger and allow others to vent their anger as well.


Gender and Sexuality Sites

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The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction http://www.indiana.edu/~kinsey/index.html
This institute is devoted to research in gender and sexuality. The site provides access to a full history of the study of human sexuality, along with links to related sites.

Biological Gender Differences http://nba19.uth.tmc.edu/female_anat/index.html This site deals with the biological aspects of the differences between men and women.

Institute for Sexual Health http://www.pphouston.org/adultpg1.htm This page offers information about teenage sex, first-time parenting, discussing sex with your children, and a host of other subjects.

RAINN: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network http://feminist.com/rainn.htm This site is dedicated to educating the public about sexual violence against women, offering articles, current news, and pertinent links.

Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality http://www.apa.org/pubinfo/orient.html
This American Psychological Association-sponsored site offers answers to questions such as “What is sexual orientation?” and “Can therapy change sexual orientation?”. Based on research and the views of experts in the field, the answers are both informative and easy to understand. A list of sources of additional information, such as relevant publications and organizations, is provided.


Personality Sites

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BPD Central http://www.bpdcentral.com This Web site is dedicated to providing information about Borderline Personality Disorders. Links to related sites are also offered.

Astrology Online http://www.astrology-online.com/zodiac.htm Some people believe that astrological signs play a significant role in determining personality. This site explains astrology and its history, and provides a daily horoscope as well.

Personality Tests http://www.verysimple.com/personality/links.html Offering a variety of short personality tests, this site can help you find out how much of a social animal you are, or see if you have a Type A personality. While the tests should not necessarily be interpreted as accurate evaluations of your personality, they will give you some idea of the kinds of factors that are typical of each personality dimension.

Personal Construct Psychology http://ksi.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/PCP/PCP.html This Web site is devoted to personal construct psychology, a system of psychology developed by George Kelly. The site explains Kelly’s theory and provides links to related sites.

Personality Processes http://fas.psych.nwu.edu/revelle/publications/aR.html “Personality Processes” by William Revelle appeared as a chapter in the Annual Review of Psychology. Available at this site, the chapter represents an in-depth description of personality psychology, as well as a survey of the current theoretical and research trends in the field.


Health and Stress Sites

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The American Institute of Stress http://www.stress.org This site is devoted to the field of stress and health.

World Health Organization http://www.who.ch This Web site offers detailed health reports, related links, and its own search engine.

Children, Stress, and Natural Disasters http://www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/violence.htm This site provides a set of resources to prepare people for working with children who have survived natural disasters.

Jest for the Health of It! http://www.mother.com/JestHome/#TOP Therapeutic humor is thought to be one of the best stress-relievers. This Web site contains articles, animation, and links intended to joke your stress away.


Abnormal Behavior Sites

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Mental Health Infosource: Disorders http://www.mhsource.com/disorders This page lists links to sites containing information on a number of psychological disorders, including anxiety, panic, phobic disorders, schizophrenia, and violent and self-destructive behaviors.

Mental and Emotional Health http://www.queendom.com/mental.html This site provides information about anxiety and panic disorders, as well as related links and self-tests.

Divided Hearts MPD/DID Information and Support Web
This Multiple Personality Disorders (MPD) and Dissociative Identity Disorders (DID) site provides the opportunity to “chat” in open forums and receive literature or help. It also has links to many other sites and resources.

Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation http://www.ocfoundation.org This site offers the latest news, articles, and links related to obsessive-compulsive disorders.


Therapies Sites

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The Psychoanalytic Connection http://psychoanalysis.net This Web site provides information about all aspects of psychoanalysis, from its theoretical framework to its current applications.

AAMFT: American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy http://www.aamft.org
This site offers information for those interested in family and marriage counseling. The AAMFT is responsible for certifying programs nationwide; their Web site reflects their commitment to family and marriage therapy.

APA Online http://www.apa.org
Sponsored by the American Psychiatric Association, this site provides information about psychiatry and the use of drugs in therapy.

Clinical Psychology Resources
This site is supported by the Department of Clinical and Applied Psychology, Ubonn, Germany. It is an excellent source for a wide variety of information regarding the description, assessment, and treatment of psychological disorders.


Social Psychology Sites

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The Center for the Society of Group Processes http://www.uiowa.edu/~grpproc This site offers information about the ways people behave in groups.

The Giraffe http://www.giraffe.org/giraffe
This site is devoted to those who help others, providing information about prosocial behavior.

AFC Cultic Studies http://www.csj.org
The AFF is a research and educational organization that studies psychological manipulation used by cults. The site describes the organization’s mission and activities and provides an informative checklist that describes the attributes common to most cults.


Business Psychology Sites

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International Ergonomics Association
http://www-iea.me.tut.fi This Web site offers an array of resources related to ergonomics, the discipline concerned with the relationship between people and technology.

PRODN: Philadelphia Region Organizational Developmental Network http://www.prodn.org
Devoted to creating a network of organizational development psychologists and students, this site offers bulletins, news, articles, and related links.

Bad Human Factor Designs http://www.baddesigns.com/index.shtml This site offers examples of things that are poorly designed in order to illustrate the importance of considering human factors principles.

Society of Human Resource http://www.shrm.org
This society, which emphasizes the employee perspective, is devoted to educating people about human resources in the workplace. The site offers a variety of resources, from basic research to online assistance in finding a job.

Academy of Management Online http://www.aom.pace.edu
This site emphasizes the managerial aspects of I/O psychology, including management theory and current issues in management.


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