cover thumbnail Introduction to Reference Work, Volumes I & II, 8th Edition
by William A. Katz
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About the Author

WILLIAM A. KATZ is a professor at the School of Information Science and Policy, State University of New York at Albany. He was a librarian at the King County (Washington) Library for four years and worked in the editorial department of the American Library Association. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago and has been the editor of RQ, the journal of the Reference and Adult Services Division of the American Library Association, and the Journal of Education for Librarianship. Professor Katz is now editor of The Reference Librarian, a quarterly devoted to issues in modern reference and information services, and The Acquisitions Librarian, concerned with collection development. He is the editor of Magazines for Libraries and has compiled a second edition of The Columbia Granger's Guide to Poetry Anthologies. He is editor of a series on the history of the book for Scarecrow Press including his A History of Book Illustration and Dahl's History of the Book. Presently, he is writing a cultural history of reference books.

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