Benward/Kolosick Ear Training: A Technique for Listening 6/e

The links below lead to MP3 files of the recorded exercises for Ear Training: A Technique For Listening, 6th Edition, by Benward and Kolosick. Each MP3 file contains the exercises marked R in the textbook; each individual exercise in the section is preceded by a voice announcement. You can use these files to complete the exercises in your workbook.

It is suggested that you download a file to your hard drive before listening to it. This will prevent network speed variations from altering the playback. This is particularly recommended for the rhythm dictation exercises where timing is critical.

If you do not have an MP3 player click on one of the links below to download one. These links will open a new browser window. After you have completed the download, to return to this page close that browser window.

Music Match    Real Jukebox    Ultra Player    Visiosonic

Unit 1
 Melody 1A
 Harmony 1A
 Harmony 1B
 Harmony 1F
Unit 2
 Melody 2A
 Melody 2B
 Melody 2D
 Harmony 2A
 Harmony 2B
 Harmony 2F
Unit 3
 Melody 3A
 Melody 3B
 Melody 3D
 Harmony 3A
 Harmony 3B
 Harmony 3D
 Harmony 3E
 Rhythm 3A
 Rhythm 3B
Unit 4
 Melody 4A
 Melody 4B
 Melody 4D
 Harmony 4A
 Harmony 4B
 Harmony 4C
 Harmony 4D
 Harmony 4E
 Rhythm 4A
 Rhythm 4B
Unit 5
 Melody 5A
 Melody 5B
 Melody 5C
 Melody 5D
 Harmony 5A
 Harmony 5B
 Harmony 5D
 Rhythm 5A
 Rhythm 5B
Unit 6
 Melody 6A
 Melody 6C
 Melody 6D
 Harmony 6A
 Harmony 6B
 Harmony 6D
 Rhythm 6A
 Rhythm 6B
Unit 7
 Melody 7A
 Melody 7B
 Melody 7C
 Melody 7D
 Harmony 7A
 Harmony 7B
 Harmony 7C
 Rhythm 7A
 Rhythm 7B
Unit 8
 Melody 8A
 Melody 8C
 Melody 8D
 Harmony 8B
 Harmony 8C
 Harmony 8D
 Harmony 8E
 Rhythm 8A
 Rhythm 8B
Unit 9
 Melody 9A
 Melody 9D
 Harmony 9A
 Harmony 9B
 Harmony 9C
 Rhythm 9A
Unit 10
 Melody 10A
 Melody 10B
 Melody 10C
 Melody 10D
 Harmony 10A
 Harmony 10B
 Harmony 10C
 Harmony 10D
 Rhythm 10A
 Rhythm 10B
Unit 11
 Melody 11A
 Melody 11B
 Melody 11C
 Melody 11D
 Harmony 11A
 Harmony 11B
 Harmony 11C
 Harmony 11D
 Harmony 11E
 Rhythm 11A
 Rhythm 11B
Unit 12
 Melody 12A
 Melody 12C
 Melody 12D
 Harmony 12A
 Harmony 12B
 Harmony 12C
 Harmony 12E
 Rhythm 12A
Unit 13
 Melody 13A
 Melody 13C
 Harmony 13A
 Harmony 13B
 Harmony 13C
 Harmony 13D
 Rhythm 13A
 Rhythm 13B
Unit 14
 Melody 14A
 Melody 14B
 Melody 14D
 Harmony 14A
 Harmony 14B
 Harmony 14C
 Harmony 14D
 Rhythm 14A
Unit 15
 Melody 15A
 Melody 15B
 Melody 15C
 Melody 15D
 Harmony 15A
 Harmony 15B
 Harmony 15C
 Harmony 15D
 Harmony 15F
 Rhythm 15A
Unit 16
 Melody 16A
 Melody 16B
 Harmony 16A
 Harmony 16B
 Harmony 16C
 Harmony 16D
 Rhythm 16A

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