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Regular, recurrent pulsation that divides miusic into equal units of time.
Rhythmic group set off by bar lines, containing a fixed number of beats.
Accenting of a note at unexpected time, as between two beats or on a weak beat. Syncopation is a major characteristic of jazz.
Flow of music through time; the pattern of durations of notes and silences in music.
First, or stressed, beat of a measure.
Basic pace of the music.
Meter (duple, triple,
quadruple, quintuple,
sextuple, septuple)

Organization of beats into regular groups.
Unaccented pulse preceding the downbeat.
Tempo indication
Words, usually at the beginning of a piece of music, often in Italian, which specify the pace at which the music should be played.

Emphasis of a note, which may result from its being louder (dynamic accent), longer, or higher in pitch than the notes near it.
Apparatus which produces ticking sounds or flashes of light at any desired constant speed.

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